gypsy wife quilt along…fabric selection

in my last post, i shared that i decided to join the gypsy wife quilt along. better late than never right? i’m hoping my pattern arrives on schedule tomorrow, because brian is headed to crawfordsville for the evening, and that would give me a chance to catch up with the other gals! in january, the rest of the group selected their fabrics, but it didn’t take long for me to scour through my stash and quickly pull some together.

from what i’ve seen online, there wasn’t much direction or help in the pattern on choosing fabrics. the pattern itself simply says you need approximately 2 1/4 yards of various fabrics. really?! someone in the group suggested to have about 30 different pieces, and i think i have a bit more than that, so i may weed some out as i actually get started.

my starting point was this fat quarter. when i first got into quilting, i bought a super expensive “surprise stash” from craftsy that luckily for me included several designers and fabrics that i actually like. i think this may be amy butler? anywho, i really like the colors in it, and used this as my main inspiration.


my favorite color has always been any shade of blue (lately mint), so i want to keep the overall feel “cool” and “dark.” mostly blues and purples, with a few greens, and just a pop of coral/pink/red here or there. the composition of this pattern really allows for variety and a truly scrappy feel; however, i still want it to look cohesive and not just like a crappy mish mash.

unsure if i will use the leftover denim from my brother’s xmas blanket. it gave me such a hard time. the others are a solid navy and “true” blue, a spotted navy, and i believe a denyse schmidt vintage floral.


i have a thing for polka dots, but i don’t want them to be overwhelming or all consuming. i really like the checkered olive color and hope there is some leftover, because i stole it from another project, lol. i also really like the amy butler “hopscotch” to the right of it…it has almost identical colors as my focus fabric, but i’m thinking it may be too busy and different. what do you think?


next, i went the turquoise route, although i don’t know how happy i am with any of these. again, the kaffe fassett striped woven has the same palette, but a different feel. i’m not usually a big fan of batiks, so i don’t know what possessed me to purchase this. the polka dots work, but i don’t want too many dots! lol and i like the crosshatch a lot, but it has a lot of white negative space, and i really don’t want too much white, since i’m trying to keep it dark. oy vey.


purples were not hard! i had these two gorgeous solids, a very vintage almost fan like pattern that i don’t know if i will use, but i like how it mimics the fan like structure of the flowers on my focal fabric. and finally a piece of camille odilon in mauve, but it has a lot of this golden color that i’m not particularly crazy about. perhaps i can incorporate a little bit of yellow or gold? getting too carried away? lol


and finally, my warm “pop” fabrics. a piece of the shelburne falls collection by denyse schmidt…the colors work, but the pattern may not. the lightning bolt-ish fabric will for sure be used! a maroon joel drewberry woodgrain, and a super pretty coral i just happened to pick up the other day, although my shotty lighting and camera work make it appear orange.


although right now i feel like only the colors work and the patterns are all clashing, i think if i play around with it a bit i can get everything to fit quite nicely. (fingers crossed) i think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

joann’s has a bunch of fabrics on sale, with an additional 20% off coupon. i want to look for some more greens and possibly more purples as well. brian has already agreed to go with me on sunday when the coupon starts 🙂

SOOOO excited! stay tuned…hopefully before the end of the weekend i will have my first set of blocks put together

❤ xtina