gypsy wife quilt along…february blocks

unfortunately, my pattern didn’t arrive on friday night as i had hoped, so i had to find some other quilting to work on in the meantime. and although my mail usually comes around 1, it didn’t come until 4 on saturday! i was so annoyed, because since we had friends in town last weekend, we celebrated valentine’s day this saturday, and i had to get ready for dinner instead of working on my blocks. grrrr! however, i woke up bright and early this morning and got to work right away.

two things i’m already not so fond about while using this pattern

1. she tells us to press seams to the dark side. i like to press seams open

2. we are cutting almost all of the pieces on the bias. i would prefer to just make half square triangles the old fashioned way. (never thought i’d be saying that!)

with that said, my first block, the “colour wheel,” ended up a little small and i had to add a border around it. i suppose if it really bothers me, i can go back and make another one. but for now, i’m going to leave it as is. i have a few minor imperfections in this block as well, but i like it nonetheless.


here are two of my pinwheel “filler blocks”


and the rest of the 4 pinwheel “filler blocks” with borders…i think this first one is my favorite


although i like the one with the green polka dot border as well


it was hard to make these without knowing exactly where they will be in the quilt, and what other colors/blocks/patterns they will be next to. but it was fun to just play around with the combinations and be “scrappy.” i can always go back and make adjustments if need be. not all of my pinwheels were perfect, but i think they are pretty fun. hopefully there is some cohesiveness to them…what do you think?


told ya i’d catch up in no time! i was too excited not to. and march is just a few days away, so i can get started on the next set of blocks soon, without having to wait too long 😉

linking up at riddle & whimsey, for a chance to win a spoonflower gift certificate. fingers crossed!

❤ xtina