angry quilting

in my last post, i talked about the new quilt along i joined, “the gypsy wife.” well, the pattern was supposed to arrive on friday, which was going to be perfect timing, because brian was going to be preoccupied and i would have no distractions. however, it didn’t arrive until 4 pm on saturday!

since i was already pumped for an evening of quilting, i couldn’t let my disappointment spoil the rest of my free time. i didn’t want to start something new, because lord knows i have enough projects going on, so instead, i revisited an old work in progress…my “william’s crossing” quilt.


i think the pattern is originally from craftsy, but it looked simple enough to recreate (for free, mind you) so that’s exactly what i did. up until this weekend, i only had the fabrics picked out, washed, and ironed. i wanted to showcase these quirky foxes…


i also had one “trial” block made


this is what i was able to accomplish on friday night, and a little bit of last night as well. i have finished all of the magenta, and all of the espresso


here is a close up…please forgive the blurry photo, i have horrible lighting in the craft room.


i still need to add these kiwi, tangerine, and taupey colors. after laying out the width last night, it doesn’t seem like the quilt is going to be all that large 😦 i would say that was poor planning on my part, but i couldn’t make the squares that much larger or i would have a lot of partial foxes, and not enough fussy cut ones. i’m already glad i decided to buy a second yard of it, because i may still not have enough when all is said and done. plus, it was a seasonal fabric, so i’m crossing my fingers, because it is gone baby gone. guess it will just have to be a baby blanket or lap quilt??

i also want to learn how to free motion quilt, because i think a woodgrain or leafy pattern on this would look amazing! still struggling with it though 😦

the other part of my angry quilting involves the gypsy wife quilt along. in my other post, i already mentioned two things i do not like about the pattern. 1:  she wants us to press the seams to the dark side, 2:  most of the cuts are on the bias

with that being said, i had a lot of bulky seams, and a lot of my blocks ended up too small.

well, after reading some of the discussions on my flickr group, i realized a third thing i don’t like about the pattern…she gives us the finished size of the blocks, and we were supposed to add half of an inch to that, to allow for seams when connecting the blocks. DOH!

ugh i was so mad i could just scream. here were my options

1. add a border to all of the blocks i have already made

2. continue making all of the blocks too small, so they would all be consistent

3. start over, since i’ve only made 7 blocks so far

well, if you know anything about me at all, i am a perfectionist, so which option do you think i took? yes, i completely started over. which in the end is better for my state of mind, because i was able to make half square triangles my own way, press the seams my own way, and even reconfigure some of the patterns/fabrics i used the first time around. also, i had a few imperfections that i can now correct and sleep easier at night. haha. here are the beginnings of my redo


i also finished a block for the other quilt along i am doing, but i will post about that later, when there is more to report.

❤ xtina