layer cake sampler quilt along…blocks 1 & 2

i’m always looking for swaps and quilt alongs to join, but never have much luck. there’s something about deadlines and a group of people with a common goal that really seems to help motivate me. i love seeing how everyone else interprets the challenge and the different ways the fabric patterns/color combos/etc. inspire them.

well, i just so happen to be in luck at the moment, because i’ve found not one, but TWO, quilt alongs to join.

you already know that i’m participating in the gypsy wife quilt along. at the moment it is driving me insane. i’m not used to quilting the way the pattern calls for, and it’s bringing me back to the frustrations i had when i first started quilting…mostly points not meeting up, and blocks turning out too small. grrrr!

therefore, i needed to take a break from that very demanding project, and relax and enjoy a much simpler one…the layer cake sampler quilt along!

for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a layer cake is a collection of fabric, cut into 10 inch by 10 inch squares. this project required a layer cake of patterned fabric, and a layer cake of solid fabric. i think i misunderstood the part about the solid fabric…i think it was supposed to be all one color.

i couldn’t find a premade layer cake that i liked, and i definitely didn’t have time to order one online that would arrive fast enough for me to get started. as it is, i am already a week behind. (you can believe that, i’m sure, lol) so instead, i headed to joann’s and picked out my own collection. i chose a solid color to go with each patterned fabric, instead of one main color, but i’m not too upset about it. i think it will just make things more colorful and busy. just how i like it, lol.


i never intended for a rainbow array, but i guess it just so happened that way. the first fabric i chose, was the magenta with the many different colored and sized polka dots. i pulled all the other fabrics to complement that. and it just so happened that after i made my cut, the remaining fabric on the bolt was a remnant, so of course i had to purchase that as well 🙂


i guess i forgot to mention, that the quilt along was created, and is being hosted by, materialgirlquilts. i just found out that she lives about 20 minutes away from me. crazy! i’m so glad that in this day in age, the internet is able to connect me with so many people, tutorials, ideas for new projects, etc. there’s a huge quilting community out there, it really amazes me. i’ve even started finding fabric deals on instagram through a worldwide “destash.” insane!

anywho…here are my first two blocks



i like how she gives 3 or 4 variations for the same block. i decided to just choose the ones she is doing, or else i would drive myself crazy with all the possibilities. i used to hate half square triangles, before i learned the correct way to make them. now i love them. she also shows you a very cool and effective way to make 8 at a time. they are much easier to construct and join perfectly than what i’m dealing with over at the gypsy quilt. i also like how the blocks are so big…we are making 20 blocks total, so that will make for a nice big quilt 🙂

we are supposedly going to get between 6 and 11 inches of snow throughout the course of today/tonight…so of course i’m hoping for a snow day so i can stay home and quilt lol.

i’m feeling pretty lazy today. i may just watch a movie and cross stitch.

❤ xtina