the craft room gets a mini face lift…

i haven’t met with my tax guy yet, so it’s not like i can blame my recent shopping spree on having money to blow…but this past weekend i was just in the mood for some retail therapy!

first, i headed to tj maxx, and found this awesome ironing board cover. there was another one that had pastel colors and a chevron design, and it really looked like a patchwork quilt. i wanted it soooo bad, but i figured the reason i am covering my board in the first place is that because it looks filthy and dirty, and i don’t want that to happen again, so i opted for the darker choice. i really like it, and has some elements of pattern and design too i think πŸ™‚


ahhhh, much better. thicker and cushier too. mission accomplished.


i’ve been wanting one of these bins for awhile now…although i’m not exactly sure why. they run about $30 though, and there was no way i was willing to pay that much for a basket to stuff fabric in. this one was about $14, so not too shabby. they have ones for laundry too, but i controlled myself and only purchased one, lol.


i got this adorable mini wastebasket during my recent trip to ikea. (to read about all the other, non craft room related goodies i got at ikea, you can go here.) i still need to put handles on the sides and the lid, but it is my favorite color and i am in love. i am going to use it for my trimmings and other trash πŸ™‚


i also got this amazing polka dotted rug. it was really reasonably priced for the size it is. i am putting it under the cutting mat, to catch all the threads, so they will stop getting stuck in the carpet! it usually won’t have all this extra crap on it, but it kept wanting to roll back up, so i am currently trying to “tame” it, if you will.


and finally, fabric of course! as i mentioned on my other blog, the fabric section of ikea is what i was looking forward to the most, since you can’t order it online. however, once i got there, i was rather disappointed. most of the fabrics i liked were heavy weight for home decor projects. they also had really large prints. neither of those things are good for quilt making. there were some others i liked that were polyester cotton blends, that i don’t work well with either, so i passed on those. the only reason i decided to get this one is because i really liked those weird goats, lol. i also like the bright colors and bold patterns. the girl before me cut 5 yards for herself, so all that was left was about yard and a half. the cashier gave it to me for $6.99. i’ve already washed it, but have no idea what to do with it. plus, i need to keep those little goats whole! lol πŸ™‚20140309-185159.jpg

and although i’m crazy for it, i have started two new projects. smh right?! super cute autumn cross stitch sampler


and a triangle quilt using the kermit fabric from my stash


i don’t even know what’s wrong with me. i have a problem i suppose. lol.

now it’s time for bed. this time change is killing me!

❀ xtina