quilt along drop out?

perhaps i could just be emotional because it’s that dreaded time of the month, but right about now i am really regretting purchasing the gypsy wife pattern. it is driving me absolutely insane and making me want to toss it in a fire! as i mentioned in previous posts, i just think it’s poorly written, hard to follow, and i’m not used to this type of quilting i guess.

i’ve remade several of the blocks and at this point just feel like i am wasting time and fabric!

my first mistake was not realizing that all of the measurements were the finished size, meaning i should add a half inch myself to allow for seams.

and like i said before, i must apparently really suck at sewing on the bias, because nothing is measuring up! below is a picture of the first colour wheel block i made. it ended up 1/2 an inch too small, so i had to add a border. but that was before i realized i needed to add yet another 1/2 inch for the seam allowance, so i decided to scrap it and start over. when i did, i also decided to switch the fabrics up a bit. this time, i did it my own way. i made half square triangles for the corners, and just made the other blocks a lot bigger, so i could cut them down to the proper size. lo and behold it still barely measured up. and i’m still not sure if those lovely points will get cut off when i join it with other blocks.


these were my first round of “filler blocks.” also too small, so instead of adding borders, i decided to start over.


i used very similar fabrics, but since i decided to make half square triangles, so they would be perfect, i couldn’t be as scrappy as i was the first time around. again, i made them bigger than the pattern called for, because you can always take more off, but you can’t always put more on!


and now, the block that is pushing me over the edge…the pershing block! the first time i made it, it only ended up a little bit too small. but i also wasn’t happy with the composition of the colors and a lot of my points weren’t lining up. for a perfectionist like me, i couldn’t stand that. i tried to remake it tonight, using the strategy that helped me with the colour wheel…bigger is better. however, i didn’t have as much success as i did before. everything ended up all cattywampus 😦 you can see my frustration. should i try to make it yet again, and pray that the third time will be a charm? or should i just cut my losses now, seeing as how it’s only the second month of the quilt a long? it’s soooo frustrating! what am i doing wrong?!

i really wish there were measurements at each step of the pattern, especially for multi-step blocks like this one, so i could make sure i was doing it right along the way…or at least see where i am making the mistakes.


and finally, an inkling of success…my “filler blocks” for this month. although it took a lot of deciphering of the pattern and pestering the fellow quilters in the group. it wasn’t very clear that first, i was supposed to make pinwheels…and then, i was supposed to use those pinwheels to make square within a square blocks.


it didn’t help that the new rug i bought for the craft room won’t lay flat! i tried rolling it the opposite way, vacuuming it, and putting heavy things on it to weigh it down. it makes it kind of hard to cut fabric perfectly when the rug beneath the cutting mat keeps rippling! ugh!

i’m not sure what to do. maybe i should just take a short break, recompose, gather my thoughts and try again. maybe i should put it away for a longer while and come back to it at a later date. maybe i should solicit the other members of the quilt along for some help? after all, i am still a newbie and this pattern is pretty intense.

as for this exact moment, i am going to self soothe with cheesy flat bread and master chef. perhaps some cross stitch or reading, but probably not. i’m starting to get a bit of a sinus pressure headache, and the “stress” from my hobby is definitely not helping.

grrrr, i’m grouchy!

❀ xtina