i blame instagram…

in one of my previous posts, i talked about the amazing networking opportunities and inspiration i have been finding on instagram lately. (in fact, i am still trying to destash some shoes, and just posted them under #shoesforsale if you are interested, lol).

anywho, yesterday was “national quilting day,” but if you are one of my followers, you know that quilting, particularly the gypsy wife quilt, is on my sh*t list right now. please excuse my french. but i was up bright and early, and the craft room was calling my name. i followed my usual morning routine of checking emails, pinterest, wordpress, etc…and of course instagram. while on there, i saw that someone i follow made a super cute “bento box” lunch tote, and i knew right away that i had to have one, too.

i quickly found a free tutorial here, and picked out some scraps to get started. i kept trying to stop, so we could run the errands we had planned for the day, but i just kept getting sucked back in. about three hours later, i was done! it’s not perfect, and it’s not as big as i thought it was going to be either, but i still think it’s SUPER CUTE. i bought some suede cord for the drawstrings, but they didn’t have very many colors, so i just ended up using some ribbon. i can always change it later if it doesn’t end up working out.

here it is!


i’m clearly still not that great at following patterns. i wanted the turquoise crosshatch fabric to be the outside of the straps, but oh well…you can still see it



i just chose a plain red for the lining, since no one can really see that anyway. i used duck cloth, so it would be thick and sturdy. i couldn’t find my oilcloth, or else i would’ve used that. maybe i will on another one πŸ™‚



i don’t think it will fit frozen lunches, but here it is holding a water bottle, yogurt cup, apple, and spoon, and there is still plenty of room. i don’t know if i will actually put it in the fridge at school, since it’s pretty gross, but i will definitely be using it for something, that’s for sure!


i also blame instagram for enticing me with so many beautiful fabrics! someone posted a few fabrics she found at joann’s, and i had to go get some for myself (the two on the left). i forgot one though, so i guess i had better go back huh? lol. the one on the far right was on clearance, and i ended up buying the rest of the bolt. it’s adorable, and with my educator discount, i essentially got half of it for free! πŸ™‚ score!


only one more week of work, and then i’m on a two week spring break! (well i will be working one of them at my other job, because we only get paid for one of the weeks.) so, i’ve just gotta get through 4 more days with kids, and a day of home visits, and then i can craft my little behind off! my friend is coming to volunteer in my classroom next week, so that should be fun too πŸ™‚

how did you celebrate national quilting day?

❀ xtina