very ambitious spring break craft to do list…

from some of my previous posts,  you may have noticed i was having a little difficulty with the gypsy wife quilt along. one of the other members of the group, julie, made up a paper pieced pattern for the block a lot of us were struggling with, and shared it with us for free. although in the past paper piecing took a lot of trial and error for me to learn, i now LOVE it, and sometimes even prefer it over regular quilting. anywho, i wanted to give her a small something as a token of my appreciation. i quickly “creeped” on her flickr photostream, and noticed that she was pulling some low volumes and teals for a project…


during my next trip to the fabric store, i had some quarters cut in these prints. even the thank you card just so happened to match 🙂 they were supposed to arrive this past weekend. i hope she enjoys them!


my two week spring break just ended. i really only had four days off the first week, and one day off the second week, because i worked at my second job to make up for the loss of income. i knew in that time frame i wanted to be really productive and get a lot of work done on both current, and stagnant, projects. here is the list. i even posted it on instagram to hold me more accountable:


1. finish quilting baby bulcroft’s blanket, make binding if time…i can’t post pictures of it yet, because i believe ashley reads my blog. i did finish quilting it, but then decided to add another element, so i am not done with that part yet. however, i received a time extension, because we are not going to visit them the original weekend we had planned. i also didn’t make the binding yet, but did pick out the fabric for it. i already posted this sneak peek, so i can share it here as well


really loving all of the features on my new sewing machine! 🙂

2. sand and put base coat on savannah’s stepping stool…my good friend angela is one of my biggest supporters. she always commissions me to make gifts for her friends and family members when they have babies, or when those babies have birthdays. after making a stepping stool for her nephew, she now wants one for her niece (his sister). i got a lot more done on this than i anticipated, which is good because i’d like to have it to her by friday evening. i’m really excited about it, it may be one of my favorite ones so far


3. pick a pattern for grayson’s pillow…done! i don’t know why i’ve had such a hard time picking a pattern for this. probably because most patterns are square, and his pillow is a cute little rectangle. i also wanted to be able to showcase the batman fabric we picked out for it. this is what i’ve decided on. i’m going to pair it with some blues and yellows we got, and i think it’s going to be very cute!


4. organize gypsy wife blocks…done! not that difficult though 😉 i really want to start on this month’s blocks, but have more pressing matters to attend to first lol


5. catch up on layer cake sampler quilt along…fail! but i did get all of these squares sewn, cut, pressed, and squared up…so all i have to do now is assemble


6. rebind forest wall hanging…another fail! but i did have to unbind it first, and that was WAY more seam ripping than i ever want to do again in my life! and i’m just going to use the same binding, so hopefully it won’t take too long whenever i finally do get back around to it


7. make another flower for my zakka swedish bloom quilt…SO CLOSE! i already have all the pieces cut, i just need to thread a new bobbin to add the last few remaining corners. this is probably my favorite combination of fabrics so far. this will be my 6th flower, so i will only need 3 more! so exciting! 🙂


8. cut squares for daira’s baby blanket…one of my good friends is going to be an uncle, and this quilt is for his soon to be niece or nephew. (they are not going to find out the sex of the baby, and want to keep decor gender neutral.) in fact, the mother to be (daira) already picked out the fabric. it has dogs and cats doing yoga. i am going to use that for the back, and create almost a “plaid” effect on the front. these are the colors i pulled, and trust me, there were a TON of squares to cut. i even ran out of green, had to go buy and wash more before i could finish, but at least i was able to mark an item off my list 🙂


9. complete squares 1-3 of the autumn cross stitch sampler…again, so close! my little squirrel is just dying to be finished, lol


10. finish book and start a new one…i did finish “the husband’s secret,” which you can read about here. haven’t really found a new one that has captured my attention yet though. any suggestions?

and finally, i even worked on something that wasn’t on my list, even though i’ve been working on it for FOREVER…my pottery cross. i think i’ll have it done next time. can’t wait! it’s going to be so pretty 🙂


what have you all been working on? did you actually go somewhere for spring break?

i just joined the “handmade birthday club” (will write about in my next post, probably after dinner tonight) and also am going to test out a pattern for another blogger, so add two more projects to the  list to keep me busy 🙂

❤ xtina