handmade birthday club

i first found out about the “handmade birthday club” through one of my online art friends, danielle. she’s always got something up her sleeve. it also helps that she’s an avid instagrammer (yeah that just happened, lol), and is always finding out about way cool swaps and giveaways. anywho…the concept is simple really, the club is supposed to have one member for each month. when it’s your birthday, you will receive 11 handmade objects from the other members of the “club,” and you are to make 11 handmade objects for each of the members of the other months. follow me?

well, in order to help your group get to know you, and your taste, a little better, we decided to make mosaic collages. so this is really for the members of my group, but feel free to read if you are interested, lol. here is mine, and i am going to describe my thought process for each photo from top left corner, to bottom right corner.


first, i love stuffed animals, “felties,” all things cute, small, and “kawaii.”

next, i LOVE paper pieced “items.” i’ve seen a lot of really cute ones like eye glasses, sewing machines, etc.

i really like things with a “vintage” and/or “rustic” feel.

i really don’t care for the colors red or orange, but i went to IU (indiana university) and like anything cream and crimson. and i LOVE sock monkeys. whenever i have a child, my nursery will for sure be sock monkeys.

i love FOXES, gnomes, mushrooms, hedgehogs…pretty much all things woodland. i really like woodgrain fabric too.

oh yeah, we were also supposed to list extra small goodies we may like to receive in our package, and i have a notebook fetish. weird i know. but that’s why i included this random photo, lol.

in my next house, i really want to have an “inspiration wall” of sorts where i can just hang any, and everything. i hope this collection includes some “hoop art.” that is one of the latest crazes i’ve seen. i think i have a book somewhere, but clearly haven’t gotten to it yet. i have also been into cross stitch and embroidery lately.

for some reason, i have a fascination with the sky. i like hot air balloons, clouds, moons, stars, etc.

i included this next picture because i like chalk board things, and creative handwriting. but, i also included it because i love text, quotes, scripture/bible verses, etc.

i love pouches and bows and bags of any kind really…probably because i haven’t mastered zippers yet!

this is my absolute favorite color combo of all time, and will be our wedding colors whenever we finally get hitched. MINT is my favorite color, and emerald is brian’s. i love them together. throw in some coral and glittery gold and what could be better?! i really love almost all shades of blue. i also like greens, purples, grays, black and white combos, neons, linens…not too picky on colors really lol

and finally, i’m really into feathers and arrows right now, and also tribal/aztec designs. i also love polka dots

not pictured, i also like russian nesting dolls 🙂 lol

i would love mini quilts, hoop art (cross stitch, embroidery), zippered pouches and/or  fabric baskets. if i’m being perfectly honest, the pillows on our couch are ripping at the seams, and they are just stuffed, no nice inserts 😦 instead of having to replace them all, i am thinking of just making envelope or zippered covers for them. if this sounds up your alley, the big ones measure about27 inches squares and the small ones measure about 19 inches square.

a few of my favorite fabrics include:

Heather Ross (Mendocino)

Sarah Jane (Out to Sea and Wee Wander)

Allison Cole (What a Gem)

Robert Kaufman (Chambray Union)

Dear Stella (Sunburst Stripe)

Pretty much everything Kaffe Fassett (Shot/Peppered Cottons)

Lizzy House (Constellations)

Anna Maria Horner everything!

i love starbucks (don’t we all?) and haribo coca cola gummies. i also am obsessed with chap sticks/lip gloss and fun nail polishes. i’m a paper crafter also, so i like project life “trinkets,” stamps, washi tape, fine tip colored sharpies, etc. and finally, we collect shot glasses from all over.

i really hope this doesn’t sound like a spoiled wish list, just want to give a wide variety, and hope to spark some inspiration 🙂 i love all things handmade, so i already know i am going to really enjoy this adventure!

we are supposed to document our progress on instagram using these hashtags




so feel free to follow along with us!

❤ xtina