gypsy wife quilt along…april blocks

you all know i was having a very difficult time with my blocks thus far, and was even contemplating quitting altogether…but after MUCH encouragement, and the help from one particular group member, i decided to give it another go. plus, the april blocks included the most adorable heart, and that’s really the one i had been waiting, and saving my coral fabric, for, so i couldn’t give up just yet. it’s not perfect, but it turned out pretty well, considering i used that annoying denim fabric. the best part of all…it ended up being the correct size! yay! therefore, i can let a few faulty seams slide, lol


here are two of the “courthouse step” blocks…


here are two more, and another square in a square. i think i have to make like 25 of those total. yikes!


and here they are altogether…so pretty!


i already put them with their respective sections, and can’t wait to make the may blocks! 🙂

❤ xtina

i just realized that i never did share my final “pershing” block from march with you all. here she is, and she is a beaut! third time really was a charm 😉