toadstools & pollywogs…revisited

to understand this post, you must first venture to my old blog, “scrapsandstitches,” and read about all the wonderful stools i’ve created in the past, for this “continuation post” to make complete sense.

here are a few more custom baby stools i can add to my ever growing portfolio, thanks to supporters like you!

i’m a proud member of gamma phi omega international sorority incorporated. “going greek,” in college is a great way to network professionally…but for me, it was so much more. i have made a lot of lifelong friends, not just through my sorority, but through other greek and multicultural organizations as well. one such friend, jorge, asked me to paint a stool for his nephew, for his first birthday party. his name is austin, and jorge wanted it to be blue, include his name, and have a sports theme. i decided to include (what i consider to be) the top three most popular sports…football, basketball, and baseball. i would have included soccer too, but those balls are mostly white, and i wanted to have color and variety on the main portion of the stool. i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!


i made the side with the football look like a football field…


and the side with the basketball look like a basketball court.


on the small undersides, i even included the words “home”


and “visitors.”


my good friend angela, who has ordered quite a few things from me, also wanted a stool for her nephew who was turning one. his name is brayden, and the theme of his room is monkeys. i can’t remember now if she told me what colors to use, but i think this monkey, with his little heart nose, tuft of hair, and curly tail is pretty adorable…but i could also be just a little bit bias 😉 as always, i included his name.


you know i love polka dots, and i thought these large ones complemented the whimsical feel of the monkey, without being too girly.


you may remember a previous post about the chair/desk combo i made for my “nephew” grayson for his first birthday. if not, you can read about it here. he LOVES it, which makes me so happy. his mom, my best friend, sends me pictures almost every other day of him sitting down using his desk. i babysat him a few weekends ago and got to see him in action, playing at his desk 🙂

20131124-195437.jpg 20131124-195431.jpg 20131124-195421.jpg 20131124-195415.jpg 20131124-195408.jpg 20131124-195401.jpg 20131124-195351.jpg

and finally, the one i’ve just completed. brayden loves his monkey stool so much, that his mother requested one for his little sister, savannah, for her first birthday. angela told me it needed to be bubblegum pink, and spring green. it also needed to be princess themed. i asked if i could include lavender, black, and gold as accent colors, and luckily she said yes. i had A LOT of fun creating a tiara on the top of the stool, and “gemstones,” around the border. i even added glittery sparkles to make them shimmer.


i think the font i used for her name gives it a very fancy, royal feel.


this is probably one of my favorites thus far.

even though i am currently loving and perfecting quilting, i will still always enjoy my other types of crafting too. and as long as there’s a demand, i’m willing to continue painting 🙂

❤ xtina