a quilt for baby madden

brian’s best friend is having a baby boy in june. they decided to name him madden james. when talking with his wife about her nursery, she decided she didn’t want any themes, just light blue and different grays. she wanted it to look very clean and classy. i think she accomplished that, wouldn’t you say?


i love madden’s room!

with those colors in mind, i headed to the fabric store. the young man at the cutting counter said i have a wonderful eye for color and composition, unlike most of the other customers. lol. i wanted a simple and modern pattern to complement the feel of the nursery, so i decided on the recently popular herringbone. kind of like chevron, but with a twist.

here i am showing off another completed project! in this first picture you can see the lovely crinkles that come from washing the quilt for the first time. my favorite part! i know i’m a nerd, but it’s the little things right?


in this next picture you can see the fabric choices a little better…


the back is a really nice, warm, soft flannel. the first one i chose got ruined in the wash when i put it with something dark. so brian picked out the one i ended up using. you can’t really tell, but it has numbers and letters and little pirate/ocean themed images. i told him that didn’t really match, but they are hardly noticeable so i let him feel like a part of the process, lol. he also suggested i use a solid gray for the binding, which i did. you can also see the quilt detailing really well in this picture.


here’s a close up of the front…


and finally a picture of the handmade label. my new sewing machine embroiders a lot of different fonts and images, so i thought i would play with it a little bit. i am pleased with the end result, and think it gives a nice, personal touch. think i might start adding these to all my quilts. eventually i want to come up with a clever name and get some professional labels made 🙂 but not too shabby for a first attempt huh?


i was unable to make it to ashley’s baby shower over easter weekend, since they live almost 6 hours away. however, we both went this past weekend for brandon’s diaper party. mom and dad were very happy with the blanket, and that’s what makes it all worth it. hopefully madden will gets lots of love and cuddles out of it! we plan to go back and visit when he is born.

i just finished another project today that i am SO excited about, but can’t share until after it makes its way to CANADA!

❤ xtina