supernova friendship block swap

if you know me, i am not happy unless i have 5 million projects to work on. here is what my schedule looks like for just the next two months alone:


finish griffin’s birthday quilt

finish jeni’s present for the handmade birthday club

finish may gypsy wife quilt along blocks


finish father’s day present for dad (2 personalized saddle blankets for his horses)

finish tori’s graduation presents (2 extra large pillows for her new dorm room)

finish kate’s present for the handmade birthday club early enough to mail to australia!

june gypsy wife quilt along blocks

so if that wasn’t already enough (barring the fact that i am WAY behind on the layer cake sampler as well), i decided to take on yet another endeavor.

i found out about the (remake of the) swap on late night quilter’s blog, while reading through the quilt section of wordpress. i instantly knew i had to participate.

step 1 said to find a partner. ideally, it was supposed to be someone you didn’t know very well. i opted to choose someone i know very well, but sometimes distance and time leave us not seeing each other as much as we would like. therefore, agreeing to do this together means we would have to make time to strengthen our friendship. sounds good to me! plus, although she has always been a sewer, she is fairly new to quilting, so i figured this would be a great way to build her confidence, and something we could have fun doing together!

step 2 said to choose a color scheme. i fell in love with this one on flickr instantly, and sent a screen shot to ashlee right away for her approval. luckily, she was as smitten as i was.


we went to joann’s last night to pick our fabrics. the requirements were 20-22 different prints, so we chose 5 of each of the 4 main colors. here are our pale and golden yellows:


our corals, pinks, and dark pinks:


our purples:


and our navy and aquas:


you may recognize some of those fabrics because i already have a lot of them, just in different colors, lol.

we chose a simple light gray for the background, which for some reason didn’t upload from my phone, but i’m sure you can use your imagination, lol.

step 3 each of us will make two identical blocks…one to keep for our own quilt, and one to give to our partner. by the end, we will have 10 blocks total…9 for the front, and an extra to use for the back.

step 4 head on over to freshly pieced modern quilts, where the original quilt along took place, for cutting directions. i won’t be doing this until after i finish griffin’s blanket. his party is next weekend and that is my main goal right now. it is going to be to die for…i can’t wait to show you all! 🙂

step 5 write a post about your plans to participate…you’re reading it! sandra is also hosting this event, so make sure to check out her blog too!

step 6 answer the montly question about yourself, so your partner can learn more about you. ashlee and i already know a ton about each other, so i am going to have to dig really deep to come up with 25 new things. i will share them with you all too because i’m sure you are just dying to know, haha 🙂

step 7 report back something new i have learned about ashlee…will do!

step 8 post photos of your quilt blocks on flickr. will do! i will be posting them here as well, of course! but if you want to follow me on flickr, my name is inkadinkado.

step 9 make a new life long friend (or just keep an old one you already had, lol) and end up with a gorgeous supernova quilt.

they are offering a prize too, so you know i’m determined for us to win that! lol.

there is still time to find a friend and get started if you are interested. i think they are even pairing people up if you need someone.

the cool thing about this pattern is that it can look SO different depending on the colors, patterns, and placement of fabrics that you use. check out some of the amazing ones they made during the first quilt along.

can’t wait to get started. already added my widget button or whatever you call it at the bottom of my blog


ps, i’m really pleased that my photo quality has increased tremendously with my new phone versus using my ipod. still holding out for a new digital camera though, hint hint honey lol

stay tuned!

❤ xtina