i mustache you a question…

but i’ll shave it for later. lol, ok sorry but you know i’m a nerd! and i don’t have any other chance to use that pun except for today.

it’s hard to believe that two years ago, when my good friend ashlee’s daughter (archer) turned one, i was not yet quilting. i was still a big paper crafter. i wanted to make something personal for her gift…ashlee said they needed an alphabet for her, and the rest is history. you can view the original post/tutorial here. i’m pleased to announce that it is still hanging in their house to this day. i’d like to think it’s not too girly, and that griffin can get some use out of it as well!


when i first found out that ashlee was preggers with griffin, of course i wanted to make him a quilt! that was probably right around the time i had first gotten into sewing. i got some really cute fox fabric, and probably tested about 3 different patterns. needless to say, none of them really amounted to anything worth writing about. however, i figured that since i made something personal for archer on her first birthday, i could give myself a little more time to work on something extra special for little man. luckily ashlee told me the theme of the party was going to be mustaches, so that got some wheels turning in my head.

after a thorough search of the internet, i found some very unique paper piecing mustache patterns. the only problem was, they didn’t show you how to put them together into a quilt, and there weren’t very many of them, and they weren’t very big. luckily for me, i am pretty creative, so i was able to use another pattern i had for letters, to spell out his name, making that the actual focal point of the quilt.


here i am having entirely too much fun in the process, lol


here i am with the completed quilt, straight from the wash, smelling heavenly, and feeling plush with all ofย  it’s crinkly goodness. (my favorite part!)ย  i think it turned out pretty bad a$$


here are some close up of the details i am most proud of…



i didn’t exactly know what to put in the big empty spaces to break them up, and i didn’t want to do more plain lines, so i just made big x’s


and i would just like to thank Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (and of course molly flanders) for THIS binding tutorial. you all know that i STINK at binding, and this tutorial helped me a TON! it still was not 100% perfect, but i was actually very, very proud of it. i mean, check out these mitered corners! never in a million years, have they looked this good! i was also really proud of just making the binding on my own. i didn’t have enough of the brown, so i used some of the leftover backing. through some act of God, it lined up just right so that two corners ended up brown, and the other two patterned. brian said he thought i did that on purpose. as if i could ever be that great!



here is another photo, pre washing machine…i always do this, just in case they rip to shreds (one of my biggest fears), at least i will have proof that it used to look amazing, lol.


the backing was pretty cool all on it’s own. i didn’t want to make the front white, because that’s just asking for stains and trouble…so i used muslin instead. but i don’t think i will work with muslin for a quilt top again. it’s pretty transparent and also has a lot of stretch and give. not the best for paper piecing.

the pattern on the back was also so busy, it hid imperfections very well. (not like i had any of those!) lol. no, but in all honesty, the last two quilts i’ve made didn’t have any wrinkles or puckering on the back, and that just makes me as pleased as a peach.


i also owe a lot of my binding success to these MIRACLE clips. it’s no “wonder” how they got their name, excuse the pun. lol. and it’s no wonder they cost a small fortune, but they were oh so worth it! (they are called wonder clips in case you didn’t pick up on that, lol) i even gave them their own special kerr jar home.


i knew my gift was a complete success when griffin literally dove out of his chair into the quilt and put his cheek against it. PRICELESS.

ashlee and tyler kept going on about how awesome the quilt is and how impressed they are, so that makes me very happy as well. they also sent me this picture later on in the evening…saying it was the perfect size.


and also posted this for me on instagram


one of my other friends is trying to commission me to make one for her nephew!

i LOVE making things…but i really get the most satisfaction out of bringing a smile to someone’s face.

also, when i sit back and really think about it, i only completed my first quilt last year for mother’s day. i have done so much and come so far in such a short amount of time…especially since i’ve pretty much taught myself everything i know. i still have a lot to learn, but am very happy with the strides i’ve already made.

may and june are super busy gift giving months for me this year. i completed and mailed a project last weekend that i can’t post about yet until she gets it…but i will be posting a lot more in the near future, so stay tuned!

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