handmade birthday club, take two…

last month i made my first gift for the handmade birthday club. it was a mini quilt for lisa, that you can see here. i had never made a mini quilt before, and i really love the way it turned out.

i decided that in addition to making personalized gifts each month for these lovely ladies, i also want to challenge myself to try new things along the way. therefore, this month for jeni, i made my first ever LINED drawstring bag. yes, that’s right, it wasn’t just any ol’ drawstring bag, it was LINED! lol

jeni said she loves black, white, and gray combos with a pop of color…and she also LOVES text prints. here is what i chose:


brian helped me. he said that the top print is probably the coolest fabric he’s ever seen, so we got a little extra of that one, in case we want to make something out of it for us at a later date šŸ˜‰ it’s tim holtz by the way. i love a lot of his stamping/paper crafting supplies as well.

jeni also said she likes miniature paper piecing. i thought this pattern was the “bee’s knees.” lol. ok, i know, i know…i really need to stop with the corny puns, haha. but seriously…what better way to incorporate black, white, gray and a pop of color (yellow), and miniature piecing?!


so cute! i loved it so much i even made one for myself, although i don’t exactly know what i’m going to do with it yet.

i used a variety of scraps to make a patchwork panel for either side of the bee


then, i used that cool text print we talked about earlier for the accent strip across the top of the bag. it actually has the names of different cities/popular streets. and yellow drawstrings to tie everything together. you can use ribbon or cord, but i opted to make my own.



i small detail at the base…those boxed corners scared me, but they turned out great!





and tied in a bow


i am pleased to announce that it has safely arrived to jeni (the second recipient in canada), and she loves it. she said she plans to use it for her knitting projects when she travels.


the next birthday girl lives in AUSTRALIA! so i had better get a move on to allow enough time for shipping. i’m afraid to see how much the postage is going to cost me, lol. i already have everything planned out in my mind, and will hopefully be finished with it by the end of the weekend.

in case you are interested in making your own, i used this awesome tutorial to make the bag. it’s free, unless you want different sizes, but this size would work nice for cosmetics, or other small travel items.

having a lot of fun making these gifts, coming up with different ideas, and expanding my portfolio!



ā¤ xtina