gypsy wife may blocks + some

well, it was that time of month again…time to complete my frustrating gypsy wife blocks aka waste a lot of fabric and do more troubleshooting than actual sewing!

surprisingly, i was able to make the first block, “hope from hartford,” without a hitch. i say surprisingly, because it requires a technique i had never done before: an open, or partial, seam. you don’t even want to know how much time i spent searching both google, and youtube for tutorials on “open seams,” when really the correct, or at least more popular, terminology is “partial seam.” any who, it isn’t amazing, but it isn’t horrible either. i think it would pass inspection, lol. that’s not saying i want to run out and make more blocks using this method anytime soon though! i was probably motivated to work on it, because i got to use a few new fabrics that i am IN LOVE with! when i showed this months blocks to brian, he said he really likes this one as well 🙂


the bordered hourglass blocks weren’t too bad either, and i even learned a new faster way to make the center square, so that was cool.

but then came the BLASTED square in a square blocks. grrrr!!!! i don’t know what my problem was, especially because i’ve made a few others already in past months just fine…but this batch i just could not get right. i even went back to my old posts to see if i had the same problem, and to see what i did, but couldn’t find anything, so why now? some of the other, more experienced, ladies in the group expressed the same issues, so that made me feel a little bit better, but still…it did not get the squares made. again, i headed to google and youtube. i watched video after video, and read tutorial after tutorial…all of them pretty much said the same thing, and nothing seemed to be working.

FINALLY i came across this tutorial that saved my sanity, because i was just about to toss everything gypsy wife out the window. seriously y’all, the struggle is real. look how many attempts i made before eventually having success


i really thought this was going to be the month that did me in and made me call it quits. one of the most frustrating parts, was that i bought this really cool scrap bag from someone on instagram, and one of the pieces was this luscious turquoise and brown shot cotton…which i just could not wait to pair with my turquoise and brown polka dots. big mistake! i wasted pretty much all of it experimenting with these darn blocks!


the really ironic thing is how since the beginning i have been complaining about the weird piecing directions of this pattern…and how i didn’t like cutting on the bias. but, the tutorial that i eventually found that ended up helping me used triangles cut on the bias, versus using squares in the corners and cutting off the excess. lol. this pattern is warped i’m telling you!

i’m going to be completely honest with you here…probably the only reason i didn’t throw in the towel this month, is because i really want to link up and win the giveaway. that’s bad right? but seriously…it’s an amazing collection of aurifil thread, valued over $100, that a poor preschool teacher like me could only dream of owning. and not to complain or anything, but last month only like 6 or 7 people linked up so my odds were pretty good…but this month i’ll probably be at least the 12th person. you’re killing me guys! lol

i kid, i kid. i really do think this quilt will look amazing in the end, and i really want to stick with it. something i realized the other day is that i have only been quilting for a little over a year, and i have had to teach myself everything from how to thread the machine, to where i am now. i’m definitely learning the meaning of, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” because some days when it’s me against the gypsy quilt, i really think the gypsy quilt is gonna win, lol! but i am learning new things, making new friends, and becoming a better quilter because of it.

so, without further ado, i present to you…my may gypsy wife blocks!!


i’m really loving my “hope from hartford,” and also the purple hourglass block with a hint of that striped fabric. after all that stress i can actually look at them and be happy. until i start on the june blocks, ugh. lol. i think there are like 5 square in a square blocks. shoot me now, haha. but at least i will be well prepared huh?

in other news, i should probably write a separate post for this, but i am being lazy so please just bare with me…here are some sunday stash photos

first up, a vintage print i got a really good deal on, from someone on instagram. love the colors and the little people. think this would make a cute blanket for a little girl. in real life, it’s more of a hot/bubble gum pink than purple


it’s like the universe wanted me to own more comic book character fabric, because i got both of these on clearance at two different locations. i think i will make brian a personalized pillowcase out of the marvel fabric, because he gets pretty jealous of my *ninja one 😉 lol



then one of my favorite ds fabrics was on clearance (the one of the left)…and i was tempted to buy the whole bolt, but i restrained myself and only got one yard 😥 lol. the other one was on clearance too and i thought it was pretty cute


i’m not usually a big fan of orange, but i saw these two together and thought they were adorable. and one day, i will make myself something out of them…although one day never seems to come, because i have a million things i want to make for myself, but i can’t seem to think of even one that i have. woe is me, lol. sorry i am feeling quite snarky this evening for some reason.


and last, but certainly not least, i am going to have a new niece in september!! currently, i have 2 “real” nephews, and a lot of “play” nieces and nephews…meaning they are just my friends’ kids, but they all call me aunt christina. genovive is going to be a real niece. while i was at the fabric store i called my brother up and asked what colors/themes they are planning for her, and he said purple and gray. i found these ADORABLE owls. i mean first of all, they are owl, which i love. some have on glasses…too stinkin cute! the little stars in the circles i also love. pretty much everything about this fabric i find irresistible lol. to the point i want to get more and stash it for the rare occasion that i may have a daughter someday lol. i know it has a lot of pink and even a hint of yellow too, but if i put with a few shades of solid purple, and a few shades of solid gray, i think it will be to die for! any suggestions on large scale patterns so i can keep these little owls in tact?


i’m pretty proud of myself for being productive this weekend in the craft room, while also having a lot of fun with friends, relaxing a lot, and getting a lot of other stuff done too.

i finished my gift for the june handmade birthday club…although kate lives in AUSTRALIA so i probably won’t be posting about the completed project for quite some time until she receives it…don’t want to ruin the surprise! but i am really happy with the way it turned out. i wanted to keep it, so that’s always a good sign lol. may just have to make myself one…wait, didn’t we already talk about that earlier? 😉

i also got a lot of work done on the presents i am making my sister for graduation, which is next weekend, but i can’t post pictures of those yet either. boo.

june is a really busy month for me as far as quilting is concerned, but i think i have a bit of a break after that. can’t wait to finish up some projects so i can start working on the supernova quilt along as well.

i am also going to participate in the 2014 new quilt blogger blog hop. it starts june 4th, although my designated day is not until june 11. be sure to check it out over at plum and june, and also stop back by my page on the 11th!

ok, i think i have gone on long enough. thanks for making it through this whole post!

❤ xtina