the house divided

sorry if you’ve already read something similar to this in a previous post; i thought i had done a good job at hiding all evidence of this gift in the works, but apparently not! so to recap…

my baby sister is going away to college in the fall 😥 i can’t believe it! my parents are going to be empty nesters at last! you can read all about how sad i was when she turned 18, here. i can’t believe she is growing up so fast!


it is truly the house divided, because i bleed cream and crimson (indiana university) and she was accepted to purdue’s pre pharmacy program. although i despise the boilermakers (i have to! it’s in the rule book! lol), i am very happy for my sister, and beyond proud of her as well. she graduated with academic honors and a 4.5 gpa (on a 4.0 scale).

look, i even tried to instill in her a love for iu, by taking her tailgating and buying her awesome iu spirit wear!



when my brother sam, who is now almost a junior at the university of cincinnati, graduated from high school, i made him a scrapbook, which you can read about here. now that i am more of a fabric crafter, and less of a paper crafter, i decided to make tori some school spirit pillows for her dorm room. i got a huge one, 24 inches for studying on the floor, and a smaller one, 20 inches, for snuggling.

this “barn star” was my inspiration for the large pillow


and i just recently purchased this pattern, because i thought the “modern tribal” feel would appeal to tori’s aesthetic. side note: the colors in the example are absolutely gorgeous, and if i EVER get time to make MYSELF something, i would like it to be one of these 🙂


i picked out a bunch of black and gold fabric and was on my way. i am SO PROUD of these pillows, you don’t even understand. they are probably the best things i have made to date. i really took my time and put a lot of hard work into them, and i think the quality really shows.

i made them “envelope style,” of course…first, because i don’t know how to sew in zippers or hand stitch a regular cover closed. second, because i like the user to have the option of taking it off and washing it. especially since they will probably have pizza stains, eraser shavings, and who knows what else on them right?

i never stopped to think about this before, but the pillows i have made in the past were not lined. this time, the patterns i used had so many seams, i didn’t want them all to be exposed, as that would weaken the structural integrity.

so i literally had to quilt the front piece, and two back panels for each pillow. it took FOREVER



i just used plain muslin, because the inside will never show; however, i was able to stop and notice the details. it’s the little things in life


not gonna lie, i forgot that muslin isn’t as wide as regular fabric, so even though i bought like 4 yards…4 yards!! it STILL wasn’t enough. i had to think fast, because of course i am always working on things until the last minute, and i was not about to make yet another trip to the fabric store. i ended up using a plain white sheet that i use as a “tarp” when painting. oddly enough, i really liked the feel of it, lol, so i may just end up doing that on purpose from now on. i also didn’t have enough different patterns for the tribal pillow, and had to use the white with black polka dots from my stash. i didn’t think tori would be a fan of them, because she’s not very girly…but that ended up being one of the things she liked best, lol. who knew?!

i was pretty worried that the seams might not hold, since i literally had to stitch together 9 layers of fabric and batting where the back panels overlap, but it went off without a hitch! and after washing them, they both had that amazing crinkly goodness that i have grown to love! i think i’ve found my niche!



perhaps next time i won’t quilt with those tiny straight lines, i was going insane and am pretty sure i am now suffering from carpal tunnel, lol. i have no idea how some people have the patience for match stick quilting. yikes!

here are a few more pictures, just so i can enjoy them a little more before they head off to lafayette…



and here is the woman of the hour, already enjoying them…the best part for me!



i’m excited to announce that i have received my first quilt commissioned project. tori’s best friend liked the pillows so much, that she has asked me to make two for her as well. and i quote, “hannah won’t stop talking about them. she keeps saying, ‘omg i can’t believe she made these! holy crap i want some! these are incredible!’ and that she wishes she had a talented sister.” lol. of course that made me feel awesome! plus, i feel a little bit like a traitor after making those purdue pillows, so i need to cleanse the bad juju and make some for my alma mater now! lol


unfortunately for us, iu will not allow their licensed image to be sold on fabric, so i am going to have to be creative. i am thinking of doing a pixelated iu sign, kind of like i did for brian’s one up pillow. what do you think?



i am heading to the fabric store on thursday, but told her not to expect them too soon! lots on my plate still.

and the reason for this post…tori! so here are some more graduation pictures






i love her so much! i am really going to miss my baby girl when she leaves in august. she is one of my best friends! i am headed to orientation with her in a few weeks (don’t worry, i will wear an iu shirt! lol). lafayette is probably only about 45 minutes to an hour away, so i will probably have to make a few road trips throughout the year to check in on her.

sorry for the long post, but it was an important one! stop back by later tonight (after 10) or tomorrow, to read about the blog hop i am participating in! 🙂

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