epic sewing week{end}

school’s out for summer, and i decided to take a week off before starting back up at my other job.

to keep my scatter brained self organized, i made a to list for each day of the week, to try to keep myself on schedule.



finish zakka flower


finish saddle blankets, blogged here



2014 new quilt blogger blog hop…you can read my post here


completed the alligator project, which i can’t post about until it’s my turn on the 17th. stay tuned, it’s gonna be a good one!!


supernova block, blogged here



brian was gone for the weekend so i made an impromptu pillowcase for him, just like the one i made for myself a while back


i also FINALLY finished rebinding the “lovely little forest” quilted wall hanging i started WAY back last july, for the ho, ho, ho blog hop. i even added cute pockets in the corner for when i actually hang it. yay!



and since i still had some energy left, i made all the square in a square blocks for the gypsy wife quilt along, without one problem! now i only have one block left to make for june!


i also managed to organize my crap scraps…i think i could make something pretty legit with all of these!


as far as sunday stash goes…

since posting about the pillows i made for my baby sis, i have had two people place orders. one wants a set of purdue pillows just like them, and the other is tori’s best friend, who wants a set of iu (indiana university) ones as similar as can be. i got all the fabric i need for the iu pillows. i got them all washed, cut, and ready…but i can’t post them yet, because she follows me, and wants them to be a surprise 🙂

i got these two ds fabrics on super clearance. (drool)


i got this adorable flannel, and planned to use it for a friend that is expecting, but doesn’t want to find out the sex of the baby. why do you guys do this to me?! grrrr. i think it is too cute, and planned to use teal, black and white, and bind it with red…however, a lot of people are saying it leans more toward girl than boy, and therefore isn’t gender neutral. what do you all think?


and finally, i got this beige faux leather/vinyl on SUPER SUPER clearance! i have never sewn with it before, and didn’t know if my machine would be able to handle it or not, but i have something pretty amazing in the works with it right now, and am really hoping with all of my might that it turns out as cool as i want it to. i am also using this INCREDIBLE (and incredibly expensive) map fabric for the same project. say a prayer for me! if it turns out, i might start selling them, but i am getting way ahead of myself. i know i will for sure come straight home from work tomorrow and finish it right away. i was on a roll today, but had to stop to make father’s day dinner for my daddy.


i also did a crap ton around the house, but i am going to write about that over on my personal blog, if you’d like to follow me there.

feels great to get so many projects completed in such a short amount of time. i guess i really can be productive if i focus and put my mind to it! and after binding so many projects all at once, i feel A LOT more comfortable with the process and think i’ve almost got it down pat…a huge quilting milestone for me! all smiles over here!

❤ xtina