happy father’s day!

i’ve been working on these father’s day presents for awhile now…mostly because i get distracted easily and hop from project to project, but today was the big day that i finally got to reveal them!

my first blanket ever was for my sister tori, and my first quilt ever was for my mom. for christmas last year, i made my brother, sam, a quilt…and that only left one family member that i hadn’t made a blanket for yet…my dad!

well, he’s not really the blankie type, but he has two horses, and i had the brilliant idea to make saddle blankets for them.

here was my initial inspiration


this was as close to the color palette as i could get


here is the pattern i whipped up, and the million squares i had to cut out


i used the “interfacing grid technique,” which you can read more about here


my dad has a girl horse, tukweywe, and a boy horse, tewisin. i wanted the blankets to go together, but also to be personalized for each horse. therefore, i made the top the exact same, but switched up the back.

for tukweywe’s, i used a cherry blossom backing, and purple trim.




and for tewisin’s, i used a plaid fabric, and blue binding.




here they are next to each other. i love how they look so different, and i also love how thick they are. that will really come in handy for the horses huh? lol.


maybe sometime i’ll try my hand at tying a quilt, like they did in the example above.

i’ll have to make a trip out to see the horses, or ask my dad to send me a picture when he uses the blankets. i think he really liked them!

i also made him dinner, so he seemed to have a great day. i love my dad!

❤ xtina