supernova friendship quilt along, first block

so this was the first month for the supernova friendship quilt along…and we made it in time, with just one little bump along the way.

you may remember the color scheme, and fabrics, ashlee and i picked from my previous post





we realize that our blocks may look different from everyone’s, because we picked the fabrics out together. however, we also think it will be fun to see how we use them differently from each other along the way.

for this first month, here are the five fabrics i chose. the tutorial says to put them in color order from lightest to darkest. because we decided to only use five fabrics per block, each month we will have to use two fabrics from one color pool. this month, i used two pinks.


after that came a lot of cutting and pinning


pressing seams and making subunits


and the completed block. tada!


or at least i thought so…

until ashlee and i had our “date night,” and she pointed out that i had pieced the “arms” of the supernova incorrectly. doh! i think it kind of looks like a bigger version of the x and + block, what do you think? i actually really like it this way too, lol, but when someone else is involved you’ve got to stick to the pattern

so i had to go home and quickly do some seam ripping and reconstructing. ahhhh, that’s better!

here are our blocks side by side, mine is on the right. we ended up using two of the same fabrics…the navy one, and the purple one. i’m sure this will happen each month, as we only have 20 fabrics to chose from. however, the combinations are literally endless. i think i will like how our blocks will all be made with the same fabrics, but will all still be different. if that makes any sense at all lol


i like how big the blocks are, and aside from my little snafu, it wasn’t really that hard to piece together. something i didn’t think about as i pieced, but luckily for me it turned out perfectly, was being aware of directional patterns. i don’t know if you can tell or not, but the little “gumdrop” looking designs on the light pink were really the only ones that would look bad if they weren’t all facing the same direction. but like i said, it worked out perfectly πŸ™‚

as far as the getting to know you part of the quilt along goes, because ashlee and i already know pretty much everything about each other, and also because 25 was a little overwhelming for us, we decided to only list 10 things, lol

my 10 things

1. when i was little i wanted to be a taxi driver, because my initials are CAB
2. i also wanted to change my name to brooke
3. i was in a pretty awesome show choir in middle school. we even performed a “grease mash up” on the belle of louisville, lol
4. i’m afraid to have my eyes closed in the shower
5. my feet are so incredibly ticklish, i had to learn to give myself a pedicure. i’m pretty good at it now, if i do say so myself, lol, and my toenails ALWAYS have to be painted, because i hate the look of naked feet
6. even though i’ve taught myself how to use a sewing machine, and how to quilt, i cannot hand stitch to save my life! (well, invisibly that is)
7. i strongly dislike the color red, even though my two favorite sports teams are red. (indiana university-my alma mater, and the cincinnati REDS! haha)
8. i don’t really like chocolate. my favorite candy is haribo cola gummies
9. i can never sit still and just relax. i always have to be doing something. that is why if i’m not blogging, doing cross stitch or something during a movie, i will definitely fall asleep
10. i have written a novel and have a paper back copy of it. (i participated in nanowrimo a few years ago)

now you know a little bit more about me, and how weird i am, lol

surprisingly, i learned a lot about ashlee too! one thing in particular, is that her dream job is to be an environmental scientist. i think that job would suit her very well!

linking back to stephanie’s and sandra’s blog, for a chance to hopefully win some goodies when it’s all said and done! πŸ™‚

❀ xtina