lator gator!

wow, what an eventful week, month, even year i’ve been having! so many quilts…so little time!

i’ve also been trying to participate in more blog hops lately, as they introduce me to new bloggers, like myself, and vice versa

through blogging i have met so many fellow quilters (now friends), and learned so many new things…

for those of you who follow me, you know that paper piecing has been my saving grace, and one of my favorite ways to quilt. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again…it may be tedious at times, but for me, it is so worth it in the end to have an (almost) perfect block, every time. the possibilities are endless, and you can do so much more than you can with just rotary cutting

therefore, when i saw that louise, over at i’m feelin’ crafty, was looking for pattern testers for a paper pieced alligator that she was wanting to release…i knew i had to be a part of the action, and quickly jumped on board.


she was such a gracious host who accepted me with open arms, lovingly answered all of my questions, and even put up with my sometimes tardy responses/responsibilities. (i know, i know…tisk tisk on my part!!)

i knew i had way too many projects going on to complete the whole quilt, but i still wanted to be of some use, and finish at least one gator. the pattern comes with three different sizes (small, medium, and large).

originally, i wanted to make my alligator look realistic. brian and i spent quite some time at the fabric store, trying to find something scaly and life like. i only got this far before realizing that this was not the direction i wanted to go


looking back at louise’s example, i loved the bold, clean solids she used, and decided i wanted my mini gator to be like that too!

i headed back to the fabric store and treated myself to some kona solids. this was the first time i had ever purchased kona, and boy oh boy was it lovely! you can feel the difference in quality right away. i think i’ve ruined myself, and can never go back to non kona solids again.

i picked the small sized alligator, because i originally planned to make a pillow. here are all the pieces completed, before putting them together…


can you just look at these teeth for a minute? aren’t they the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? and i’m not just saying that because i’m bias, lol. please excuse any points that may not line up exactly…it’s the thought that counts right?


and now look at the eyes…the pattern includes lines to embroider…but i stink at anything that involves hand stitching…i feel insecure without my machine. (laughing, but very serious, lol) i found some decorative designs that i think look pretty cute, if i do say so myself


you may have noticed in the picture above, when all the pieces are laid out, ready to be assembled, that there is an empty space above the alligator’s back. there is a large solid piece that goes there. i took advantage of that free space, and added some text. i wanted something short and catchy, and decided to just add “later.” as in, “see ya later, alligator.” but there wasn’t room for all of that, so i abbreviated and i assumed people could fill in the blank.

there is a large empty wall that i stare at while i sew. i wanted to wait until we had a new house to start my inspiration/design wall, but brian said that’s not going to be happening anytime soon 😦 so i may just start now! since making my baby sister two large pillows for a graduation present recently, and receiving two commissions for pillows right after that, i was pretty “pillowed out,” if that’s even a thing. also, i’ve been so busy making things for other people, that i was more than ready to make something for myself. in the end, i decided to make myself a mini quilt, to hang on that sad, bare wall.


i had some leftover green binding from my little forest wall hanging that i thought added the perfect touch of whimsy. and i used the mossy green from my first attempt, for the backing. of course i did linear, almost “matchstick” quilting, because that’s what i’m good at…and also because i haven’t come anywhere close to mastering free motion yet. i think it would’ve been really cute to quilt some scalloped lines…perhaps next time.

if you LOVE what you see, as i did, and would like to support a first time pattern maker, you can purchase this amazing alligator pattern from louise, on craftsy.

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you can also look for these alligators on instagram, by using the hashtag #thegatorquilt
my username is missbiro

i literally just had the amazing idea to flip the pattern, and make a little girl gator, for my mini gator, so he won’t be lonely. how stinkin cute would that be?! i could make her different colors, or maybe just add some girly embellishments…the gears are really turning now!

as always, thanks for stopping by, and i really hope you will consider owning this pattern. louise has really put a lot of time and effort into making it perfect and user friendly.

she even wrote a special little blurb about me, here 🙂

until next time

❤ xtina