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a change does everybody good…

i just started blogging about a year ago, to chronicle my crafting adventures. i had tried blogspot in the past and didn’t really care for it, so this time, i decided to make the switch to wordpress. on the whole, i have been pretty pleased.

now i am no techie by any means, so i’m sure there are WAY more things i could be getting out of wordpress that i know nothing about.

i simply chose a free theme and went with it.

well, now that i have been blogging for quite some time, and my number of followers is steadily increasing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i decided it was time to do a little work, and make my blog a little more inviting, exciting, and user friendly.

of course i looked for more free themes, because i am cheap, but i also had a general idea in mind of how i wanted it to look.

things i didn’t like about my old layout…the place to leave a comment was hard to find, which discouraged a lot of people from leaving them. i love comments! i’d hate to miss out on any more feedback and questions from my readers now it’s right at the bottom, under all the previous comments, as it should be.

there was no option for a sidebar with links or other useful information, only a footer that you had to scroll down through several posts to finally be able to see. now i have a side bar that has blog info (search bar, category drop down, ways to follow me, contact info, etc.) i even have a middle bar! that has social media options such as instagram and flickr. and finally, i kept that footer, with all of the blog hops, challenges, quilt alongs, etc. i have participated in. but now it’s much easier to access!

and last, but certainly not least, i didn’t like how one post lead right down into another, which lead into the one before that, and so on. being a visual person, i really like how my new theme displays several posts, with one large picture, and you can click on the one you want to view. however, you still know that the one in the top left hand corner is the most recent, and they go in reverse time order after that.

however, there are still a few things i would like to be able to change…mostly fonts and colors, but i think i may have to pay for that 😦

the lovely ms. daisy over at ants to sugar whose blog i am obsessed with! (it’s amazing, go check it out!) has offered to help me with my blog, and share all that she has learned in the process of making hers perfect.

for all of my followers who have supported me since the beginning…THANK YOU! it means so much to me; more than you will ever know! i have enjoyed every minute of this journey, and having you right by my side! (well, on the other side of the computer screen that is, lol) and for my new followers, hopefully you will like what you see, and continue on the ride with us! πŸ™‚

stay tuned y’all

❀ xtina