a bee, a round robin, and a progress report…

my best friend came over on friday night and yelled at me because i haven’t written in a while, lol. so here i am…

the tough part about making gifts for people, is that you can’t exactly post pictures of your progress, if you want the final product to remain a secret until it’s time to present them. that’s the dilemma i’m in now.

i am making a blanket for my soon to be niece, and a blanket for another friend that is also expecting.

i am making two iu (indiana university) pillows for a client.

and i am also making a (belated) birthday present for my good friend ashlee.

four projects in the works that i can’t share about! grrrr. lol

but here are two things i CAN show and tell…

i am in a very awesome (virtual) quilters’ group. i love these ladies! they have been very helpful and inspiring. at some point the idea of a bee, or a round robin came up, and a list was quickly created with all of the people interested in participating. long story short, i guess i accidentally got signed up for BOTH! lol. but, it was a happy mistake, because although it’s only been a week or two, i’m already having a lot of fun.

for those of you who aren’t familiar, a bee is a group where the “queen,” or leader, picks the pattern, colors, and types of prints she wants. then, everyone else makes one or two of the blocks, and sends them to her. she uses all of the blocks to make the quilt. there are nine of us, making two blocks each, so when it’s my turn, i will get 18 blocks. my turn isn’t until february though, lol, but i’m already trying to decide on a pattern.

a round robin is where each individual person creates a block for their own quilt. they ship it to the next person on the list who adds something to it, whether it be a border, a paper pieced image, etc. that person mails it to the third person, who adds yet another piece to the ever growing quilt. and so on, and so forth. by the time it comes back to you, it should be a whole quilt top!

first up, the bee. pam, over at sewing wilde, is the hostess with the mostest! please check out her blog. her latest post explains how she plans to donate her quilts created through bees to charity. how selfless and amazing is that?! as the “queen” for the first month, she sent us these example blocks


she wanted low volume patterns with white backgrounds, and solid colored centers/square outlines.

apparently i have an aversion to white lol. i think i’m always afraid it’s going to get dirty i guess. i did have a lot of black and white, but pam and i were worried an all black and white block would stick out like a sore thumb. i do happen to have a lot of cream/off white fabric (must be my love for vintage) and pam said those would work just fine. so without further ado, here are the two blocks i made. can’t wait to mail them to her tomorrow!



these blocks aren’t something i would normally think to make for myself, but i actually really enjoyed making them! they would be great scrap busters, so i think i might just have to make some more to keep 🙂

the other group i’m in is a round robin. we aren’t going to start until like september i think, but the other day i was in a horrible mood, and needed some cheering up. i decided to get a (WAY EARLY) head start on my block. i think i’m going to go with a woodland theme, using browns, oranges, greens, and light blue. what do you think? i LOVE foxes, so of course that was a must!


hopefully i will have more to report soon, as i finish up some of the aforementioned projects. hannah will be going to school at the beginning of august, and will need the pillows by then. both of the babies will be born in september, so i need to have the blankets done by then. and i am going to the zoo with ashlee and her kiddos next monday, so i need to finish her present by then!

what are you all currently working on?

❤ xtina