i don’t know how to put this, but …


lol. ok before you get offended and think i’m tooting my own horn, i really just wanted an opportunity to use an infamous ron burgundy quote, lol

however, some really cool things have been happening for me lately, and that is definitely something to celebrate!

first, and foremost, i think i’ve already mentioned several times how much i have really started to love instagram. it’s so cool connecting and forming friendships with quilters all over the world. i’ve used it to sign up for swaps, get inspiration for new projects, ask for help with difficult patterns, etc.

but one of the best things i’ve been able to do, is “tag” pattern designers to show them how i have been using their patterns. it’s so awesome when they “regram” your projects to share with their followers, too.

it’s even more amazing when they offer you a free pattern! and that’s exactly what diane, from “from blank pages,” did. she’s such a sweetheart!


“my first alphabet,” is one of the first paper piecing patterns i purchased, and i have definitely gotten the most use out of it. it is so versatile. i love it! here is a quick reminder of the projects i have made using these letters









here’s how i found out the good news at like 3 am on a friday night/saturday morning. i was still awake and i went “shopping,” and emailed her back almost immediately, lol. no shame in my game.


you can find patterns by diane/fromblankpages on etsy and craftsy.

i originally planned to choose the supplement to the alphabet pattern; numbers and punctuation. (which i still intend to do sometime in the near future.) but when diane said i could even choose her new, celestial star pattern, there was no doubt in my mind

celestial star

look at this pillow she made using her pattern and liberty fabrics. yes please!!


don’t know if i’ll ever be THAT good, but at least i have the pattern now, and that’s a good place to start. lol. she is hosting a quilt along using this pattern, starting july 14th. i really want to participate, but i probably have too many projects on my plate as it is.

and the other exciting thing that happened, is that after struggling my butt off with the gypsy wife quilt along, and linking up every month, i won the june giveaway! paige, over at the paper starfish, was the host last month.


it doesn’t say on her blog if the prize was provided by a sponsor, or just through the goodness of her heart, but it is an awesome pack of three quilting books and i’m so grateful to have won it!

you all know i am cheap frugal, and usually check books out from the library, or ask for them as gifts. so this was a very pleasant surprise. and i think someone is trying to tell me something, because they are all things i need to learn!

first, a quilter’s mixology


i suck at curved blocks! well, in all fairness, i’ve only tried once when i very first started quilting. i did the free craftsy block of the month quilt along. i totally substituted a lot of the difficult (at the time) blocks lol, and the drunkard’s path was definitely one of them! hopefully this book will give me some helpful tips and tricks and help me overcome my battle. i see so many circular patterns that i just automatically dismiss because they used curved blocks.

next, is the modern applique workbook


applique is yet another thing that scares me, but i REALLY WISH i could do, because i see so many things i’d love to make. including this super cute baby blanket


and finally, the quilt color workshop, which i can’t wait to dive into, because i think the “color schemes” board on my pinterest account is overflowing and could use a break, lol


aside from receiving gifts, i have been creating too, lol…but nothing i can post at this time.

and now to end with another infamous quote, this time by charlie sheen, i am for sure, “winning!” lol

❤ xtina