handmade birthday club, take 3.5

so now that kate’s gifts have safely arrived in AUSTRALIA! i can finally post about them! kate said that she LOVES text prints, and bright colors. she listed some colors that she doesn’t like…i think they were green, purple and yellow. so this fun red and pink fabric paired with this large text print quickly came to mind. she also said she would like to receive pin cushions, which is something i had never made before…remember how i am trying to challenge myself each month by making something new? perfect! i found this tutorial, called “the big chunk,” and knew it was the one.

first of all, it didn’t involve taking a long skinny strip and somehow making it into four sides of a rectangle, like most of the other tutorials did. second of all, it was large and in charge! of all my pincushions, the one my good friend danielle made me, that is almost as huge as this one is, is my all time favorite…so i wanted to make something equally useful for kate.

i kind of altered the pattern a little bit, because i wanted to add a fun, whimsical touch to the top, by using a 3d pinwheel. this is something else i had never made before, but had been meaning to try. i looked up a few tutorials, but kind of just figured it out on my own. the one thing i did differently than most people, was that i made the reverse side of the pinwheel a different fabric from the front. i think this gives it a nice extra touch, and that the pink really POPS.


for the back, i did a simple patchwork with other fabrics that fit the theme. at first i didn’t want to add buttons to the middle as most pincushions have…however, when i found this set of three, i just had to use them! i was really upset, because in the tutorial she suggests using crushed walnut instead of polyfil, and i really wanted to do that, but simply could not find any. i didn’t think if i ordered it from online i would receive it in time, and also i didn’t want to buy a bulk bag just to use it once or twice. finally, i SUCK at hand stitching, and knew i had to use the machine to sew this closed, so i didn’t want crushed walnut shells spilling everywhere anyway.


along with the pincushion i sent a set of adorable PINS, well, because that just seemed to make sense right? lol. i also sent some lipbalm that sounded tasty, the now famous birthday cake flavored gum, and a birthday card. i wrapped it all up in that lovely fabric in the background, in a sort of hobo sack if you will, but i forgot to take a picture of it.


you know i have a blast creating things, but the most joy comes from others’ happiness, as they open their presents. here’s what kate had to say about her package:




the person that was supposed to be next on the list for july dropped out, so i have a little while before another gift is due in august. however, i’ve already done my creeping on her pinterest page and know exactly what i plan to make for her!

and the meaning behind the 1/2 in my post title, is that i also made my good friend ashlee a pincushion for her birthday too. i originally wanted to make her something else, but i failed THREE times, so i am putting that on the back burner for now. i did ask her what color scheme she wanted, and she sent me this:


it was almost freaky, because i had just purchased this fabric, which i had stopped myself from buying the first three visits to that same store, lol


ashlee has been obsessed with pincushions, and “pineapple” blocks lately, so when i found this tutorial, it was the perfect combination.



luckily for me, ashlee knows i can’t hand stitch, and doesn’t care, lol. but i think i did a pretty good job at sewing this closed without being too obvious about it right?



of course i had to get her some cutesy pins to go with it…


although i didn’t know they were THIS cute, until we opened the package


i also got her a new square ruler, because she loves rulers and half square triangles, so i thought this would be good for her collection, lol. (don’t mind cutie griffin in the background)


she literally squealed with joy when she saw it, so i think that’s a pretty good sign right?

we had a really good crafting day together, but you can read about that in my next post 😉

❤ xtina