lots of finishes!!

i had a very productive 3 day weekend!

first, and foremost, i finished my first commissioned pieces, IU pillows! i really wanted to keep them for myself, but luckily i had customized them with hannah’s intials, so sadly, i could not. “haste makes waste,” and i was in such a hurry last night to finish the big (24 inch) pillow, so i could wash it today, that i accidentally sewed it inside out, and had to seam rip the entire thing! and it was a zig zag stitch! i was NOT a happy camper. but, without further ado, here they are!

i drew this one up on my own, using the infamous grid method i have grown to love. i thought those hearts were TOO cute!


i really like the “candy cane,” effect i was able to create with the diagonal stripes on the back. and here is a sneak peek at my new quilt labels, but i will write about those in a future post!


i made her big one just like the purdue one i made for my sister…so the design element wasn’t difficult, but it’s just so big, thick, and heavy, it got kind of difficult to work with at times. i really love the thin stripes and the gingham.


the gingham made a perfect grid to quilt on!


here they are all washed and crinkly



and here’s the happy hannah hugging them tight. (say that three times fast!) she seemed utterly thrilled, said she was going to sleep with them right away tonight, and that they already have a special place waiting for them on her futon in her dorm room. i think my first sale was a success, what do you think?


i have really been into making lined drawstring bags lately. i can’t share one of them yet, but i can’t wait to do so! one of our good friends, katie, is having a birthday party this weekend. she LOVES wine. like REALLY loves wine. her whole kitchen and dining room are decorated in a wine theme. so, i decided that i could make an elongated drawstring bag for a birthday present, and fill it with a yummy bottle of course! i sure hope she’s not reading this, because i’m really excited to give it to her this weekend. before beginning, i asked her what her favorite color is…hopefully you can guess 😉 (don’t mind the rum bottle inside, i currently don’t have any wine at my house and needed to test it out, lol) it was also my first attempt at applique.


when my friend ashlee came over on friday night, i taught her how to cross stitch, and she taught me how to make a bapron! (bib + apron) i have been wanting to learn for a long time, but have been afraid for some reason. i guess because this fits more into the clothing/garment category of sewing and i’m not the best at that! however, it was very quick and easy, and i really want to make some more. i even got some iron on vinyl, to make them wipe able. i think these will make super cute baby gifts, and i can whip them out way faster than quilts.


although this wasn’t on my current “list” of things to do, i found THE cutest cat quilt, and decided immediately that i must make one for my mimi. she really love the kitty cross stitch i made her last year for her birthday, she’s always talking about it. so i think i should make her another cat themed gift this year. (ps, her birthday’s not until october, lol…but knowing me, i need all the head start i can get.) there are four cats total, a siamese, a tabby, a white one with a black patch on it’s eye, and a calico…which i decided to start with. i embroidered the eye for extra depth, but got too tired to finish the second one lol. it’s going to be adorable, i just know it


i finally finished my winnie the pooh cross stitch! it’s SOOOO cute!! i’m really upset though, because the frame i got has a small crack in it, so i have to exchange it before i can take a picture of the completely finished product. i was just there on friday too, grrrr. now i have to find a way to get it to my friend michelle, and her sweet new baby boy chase.


i also started working on a gift for my instagram giveaway winner, but i can’t post that yet either.

and finally, i worked on my gypsy wife blocks from last month (i’ll explain later) and this month. i’m still not done yet, so i will have to post about them later. i just love the feather and scallop block!



❤ xtina