gypsy wife june/july blocks and more

in june i won the giveaway for the gypsy wife quilt along…although now i feel bad about it, because i realized i didn’t exactly complete the blocks! apparently i was supposed to add borders to my square in a square blocks. oops! so this month i had almost double the work, because i had to fix my mistake. june blocks before:

wpid-img_20140614_095042.jpgand after:

wpid-wp-1405908438024.jpegi tried to use up some scraps for the borders, and even though i am super ocd and want everything to be symmetrical, i actually really like the look of them. my favorite is the top left because of the feathers and scallops, and just the overall blueness of it lol

this month i had to make 5 more square in a square blocks! i’m getting pretty good at them now though

wpid-wp-1405908442899.jpegthis month, my favorite is the farthest to the right…i really likes the purples of the border. i also decided that i needed to incorporate some more pops of the corals, oranges and purples (as seen above) and maroon. so here is the “star block”

wpid-wp-1406511182201.jpegit has its imperfections of course, but i still like it. i didn’t even bother using the pattern’s directions, i simply did the math and calculations myself. what are the odds that when i went to sort them into their respective bags, it ended up being in the same section as one of the other coral blocks. i’ve only made 3 coral blocks total now, including this one. oh well, that’s just my luck huh?!


i am starting to get really excited about all of this blue goodness, even though we have quite awhile to go still…


in other news, i already shared last week that i finished the pooh cross stitch for my friend michelle.


i had to exchange the frame i had purchased because of a small crack in it, but today i finally mounted it. even though i used lots of starch and steam, i still was not able to get all of the wrinkles out of the fabric 😦 i still think it looks awesome though!


i also finished my two (AUGUST) blocks for the bee i’m in, lol. she chose a really easy block and i was anxious and wanting to finish a quick project, so i cranked them out pretty fast. i nested the seams and am really pleased with the way they aligned perfectly. yay! it’s the small things right? lin wanted the blocks to be white and bright colors. her examples were pink and navy, and someone else had already made a green block, so i decided to go with purple and orange


i also finished the main part of my handmade birthday club gift, and am almost done with my giveaway gift, but i cannot post pics of those just yet.

brian plays video games with his friends on monday nights, so i try to get some of my crafting done then as well.

❀ xtina