giveaway “winner”

you all know i love instagram!

what started as a way to document mundane things like my colorful running shoes, or my homemade zucchini bread, quickly turned into taking screenshots of every fabric i want to purchase, and every quilting project i want to recreate

although i follow over 1500 people, i was blown away when my followers started nearing 300

i must admit that i get really annoyed when my feed is clogged up with a million of the same image from everyone and their mom reposting to try to win a giveaway. i always want to win, but am too lazy to take a screenshot, crop it, repost it, remember all of the specific hashtags i’m supposed to use, and then delete it from my phone later

however, i asked the same thing from my followers…and can you believe that NOT A ONE person reposted it πŸ˜₯ and then for awhile, i kept toggling between 299 and 300, i was like c’mon people you’re just messin with me now!

wpid-img_20140708_104858.jpgi think the mistake i made was not having an image of the actual item i was going to give away, but that’s because i was going to make the winner WHATEVER she wanted!! i thought that was a pretty generous offer don’t you??

it’s funny because what ended up happening was that my “real life” friends on facebook all started trying to to get me to make them something lol. ummmm not the point guys haha

the point was really to gain a few new followers, get my work out there in the public eye, and to show some appreciation to the folks who show me love every day on IG

the 300th person to follow me was super sweet and “liked” a ton of my pictures and left me a lot of nice comments, so i decided to just announce her as the official “winner,” lol. legit, right?

i asked her for a wish list, and she pretty much just said that she likes mermaids and the colors of the ocean. this is the only mermaid fabric i could find, and although it was in the novelty section, i still thought it was pretty cute. i originally paired it with a coral color and batik, but didn’t like what i had made, so i had to switch gears

mermaidsawhile ago i had taken a screen shot of a super cool mermaid cross stitch and didn’t think it would take too long. i was WRONGO! it took literally every single evening for a few hours, for three whole weeks to get it done, lol but it was worth every second because i think it is absolutely gorgeous and unique!!

wpid-wp-1406853037309.jpegi really wish you could see all the different blues/purples in her hair. i know she’s not a “traditional” looking mermaid per say, but nonetheless i still love her and think she is stunning and i hope kimee (dolcequilts) loves her just as much

i used the batik that i think looks like cool seaweed as a border, and put it in a “distressed” navy frame. i wanted to find a blue cloth to stitch her on, because i wanted it to look like the ocean, but couldn’t find one i liked. so i’m glad that the “weathered” parts of the frame kind of tie in with the oatmeal background and pulls it all together.

i have three sliced fingers from windexing the glass and making sure it was squeaky clean lol

i have horrible lighting in my house, but here she is all finalized and ready to go to her new home

wpid-wp-1406853108084.jpegand just to “sweeten” the deal, i enclosed a packaged of fun assorted chocolate, an eos lip balm, a notebook, and about 1/2 a yard of the mermaid fabric i intended to use.

wpid-wp-1406853065622.jpegheaded to the post office tomorrow and this girlie will be on her way to panama city! closer to the ocean than i’ll ever be!

i’m a little over 350 followers now, and have made a few close “virtual” friends along the way. not sure if i will be up for another giveaway anytime soon, but i think this one turned out to be quite the success

❀ xtina