holy smokes batman! square in a square for days! (gypsy wife august blocks)

we are going to cincinnati for the weekend! brian’s little brother is coming with us, and he arrived just in time for dinner. after cleaning up, the boys went straight to playing video games, and i snuck off to the craft room. i was SO productive!

first, i finished quilting the blanket for my future niecy! it’s adorable! i’m loving it more and more with each thing i add…i can’t wait to show it to you guys and i really can’t wait to give it to my brother and gretchen. i still need to bind it, and i want to get some needles to try hand tying for the first time. i will keep you updated. her shower is next sunday, so this is WAY ahead of schedule for me, lol.

then, i finished this month’s supernova blocks for me and ashlee. she is coming over for dinner on tuesday and we are swapping them then. i can’t post pictures just yet! also, i don’t know what to cook yet either. any suggestions?

after that, i made rainbow bias tape for my handmade birthday club gift…i love it! i kind of want to make some for myself lol
wpid-wp-1407559394783.jpegi wanted to get something big off of my to do list, so next i chose to work on my gypsy wife blocks. i can’t believe it, but i actually FINISHED them ALL! they were my least favorite thing, square in a square blocks, lol and EIGHT of them at that! however, i am pretty much a pro at them now, so i whipped them up pretty quickly. and i must say i’m loving the color combos i came up with this month too! michelle was a genius when she created the schedule, because after making all of these tedious blocks, the “main” block for the month was small and easy. i forget what it’s called; maybe indian hatch? i’ll check later. but anywho, here they are!

wpid-wp-1407559387473.jpegthe one on the top right actually has polka dots on it, but it’s kind of dark so you can’t really tell, and the one on the bottom left is actually a wood grain.

finally, and i can’t believe i still even had any steam left, i finished one of two “baprons” for princess parker. (my best friend’s brother’s future daughter. do you follow? lol) i used iron on vinyl for the front, for easy clean up…and flannel for the back, so it will be soft and warm. of course i am bias, but i love it and can’t wait to finish the gray one


i have more things to write about, but will save them for another post. tomorrow we are going to a reds game, and sunday we are going to ikea 🙂 i want to bring a project to work on in the car, but i will probably just read.

❤ xtina