supernova friendship quilt along, third block

last week, ashlee’s family, brian, and i all went to the fair. being born and raised in indiana, the state fair is a big deal, and something i like to attend every year. luckily for us, tyler got free tickets for veterans’ day, and they decided they wanted us to come along with them. we met at the mall and rode the free shuttle to the fairgrounds. archer has become quite accustomed to me, and as soon as she was released from her car seat came running over yelling, “tina! tina!” it was the best! i splurged on my diet and ate deep fried red velvet oreos. yum!! anywho, although we got to look at some amazing quilts while we were there, we decided this might not be the best place to swap blocks, lol. we quickly decided to meet again this week, for dinner, the big exchange, and of course crafting!

i know we have quite the advantage on everyone else participating in this quilt along, because we actually already knew each other before, and live close…sorry! but it makes things very convenient for us πŸ˜‰

ashlee came over on tuesday after i got home from work. i made ceasar salad, chicken spinach stuffed shells with vodka sauce, jalapeno pepperoni focaccia bread, and honey ginger tea. it was a feast fit for kings!

after that, we picked embroidery floss colors for a cross stitch she is making me, and i cut fabric for yet another new project i am starting. crazy right?! i am going to my cousin’s wedding on september 6th in maryland. my grandparents live there as well, and i would like to have a small quilt to give them when i visit. i am making 12 large blocks, and i PRAY i will get it done on time.

the backing fabric is mostly navy with red/orange koi fish, and white circular ripples. so these are the colors i chose for the blocks…


and i just finished the first block tonight…


tonight i also managed to make the bias tape for my niece’s blanket. now all i have to do is attach the binding, wash it, and it will be good to go! the shower is on sunday.


and i also got this free filing system from work and managed to organize some fabrics…


but anyway, back to the story…here are the colors i chose this month…


and here is the finished block…


and here is ashlee’s block…


i LOVE it! and i would’ve never come up with that color combo myself…proving again how much i love how this is coming along so far, and i love that we picked out all of the fabrics together! only two more months, and then we can start putting these bad boys together! i can’t wait! i think i will probably need more of the background gray though. ugh.

this month, we were prompted to share some of our favorite childhood memories with each other. well first of all, we discovered that we liked a lot of the same candies/snack treats when we were young…such as those squeeze pop syrupy things, and those hostess fruit pies that you can get at the gas station in the parchment paper lol. yes, we are nerds.

both of us remember loving the sense of being carefree as kids. ashlee and her siblings would walk miles into town to buy candy from the local store. my neighborhood friends and i (i was an only child for 9 years!) would go to the pool, or play sports like street hockey and wiffle ball.

one of ashlee’s best childhood moments was sitting on her dad’s lap, looking at an animal book with him.

mine was staying out late christmas shopping with just my mom and i, and having a surprise dinner at benihana’s. maybe this is subconsciously why this is my favorite restaurant of all time now? hmmmm

linking up once again with our hostesses stephanie, and sandra

now it’s off to bed for me, because i signed up for a shift at the hospital tomorrow and i’m cranky! lol

way more to post about, but still waiting on a couple of things first

❀ xtina