handmade birthday club…take four

it’s august, and it’s time to celebrate jamie’s half birthday!

she told us that she has a nearly empty wall in her studio that would love a collection of mini quilts, so that’s where i started. after that, i stalked her pinterest, and found this inspiration on her quilting board

wpid-wp-1408326376571.pngshe also said she likes ROYGBIV

so with this information, i raided my stash and got busy.

the pattern was free, but ultimately i had to make up one of my own, because the pattern was for two solid colors, and gave specific cutting directions for strip piecing. i couldn’t wrap my brain around it, so i just drew it instead.

i was met with just one snafu, between dark green and light blue. you can see how i had to insert a turquoise color to make things even. i used a dark gray as a neutral background. i wanted to do an intricate backing with patches of solid colors in rainbow order from top to bottom, but decided to just do a rainbow border instead.

wpid-img_20140811_204436.jpgwpid-wp-1407559394783.jpegi quilted simple lines bordering the strips…using dark gray thread in the background, red thread on red, orange thread on orange, etc.

wpid-img_20140811_204452.jpgi kept the bobbin thread dark gray so that the back would not be a hodge podge

wpid-img_20140811_204516.jpgand i added one of my new labels, which i’m still not ready to write about yet

wpid-img_20140811_204529.jpgi’m so thankful to jamie for posting a pic on instagram of all the goodies i sent her, because i was so excited to ship it off on time that i forgot to!

wpid-wp-1408326161253.jpegnot pictured is the starbucks gift card!

here’s what she had to say

wpid-wp-1408326176991.pngi guess she realized the orientation was off in the first pic, and quickly added a new one…

wpid-wp-1408326166221.pngahhhh, much better!

pretty happy with it!


next up is brooke, but i gave her a proposition, and am waiting to hear back from her first, before beginning.

i still have a few more things to write about, but am still waiting on a couple of things first.

that’s how it always seems to go…wait, wait, wait…then rush, rush, rush

❤ xtina