sunday post

it seems i always post on sunday nights when i should instead be going to bed and preparing for the next week lol.

i guess it’s a good time to wind down and reflect

i would love to blog about the strawberry swap, but i have not received my gift yet. boo!

i would love to blog about the quilt i made for my future niece, but the pictures have not been posted to facebook yet. ugh!

and i would love to blog about the quilt i won through a charity auction on instagram, but after about 5 or 6 weeks now, the lady refunded my money because she couldn’t get her act together and just mail the damn quilt. seriously?!

so instead, i will simply blog about my current two works in progress…

first, a quilt that i am in a mad rush to finish for my ong ba (grandma and grandpa), before we leave next sunday to go see them. eek! i am almost done with the quilt top, just need to add wide borders on all 4 sides to make it a little bit bigger

wpid-wp-1408908144444.jpegi am also working on a marcelle medallion for the center of my round robin quilt. if you’d like to read a little bit more about that, you can visit the new page i just created…round trip quilts. (tried something new on wordpress today, aren’t you proud of me?! when i have more time i would like to add another page for completed projects)

wpid-wp-1408908150940.jpegi am not super happy with it so far. i was excited to use a lot of my stash fabric/scraps, but disappointed that i didn’t have enough of a lot of the prints i was trying to use. therefore, it’s coming out a lot scrappier than i would have liked. here is an example of a marcelle medallion, so you can get a better idea of what i hope it will look like when i’m done

marcelle medallionalong with the quilt center block we have also decided to send along a little notebook to give the other members of our group a better idea of what we are wanting for our quilt. we will also have a chance to write in each person’s notebook explaining how we came up with our portion of their quilt. still having a little bit of a paper crafter in me, i started on my notebook tonight and had too much fun! sure don’t miss sticky glue stick fingers though, lol!

wpid-wp-1408937492529.jpegi have to mail this out to kim by september 1st. lots to do in this upcoming week…wish me luck!!

❤ xtina