round trip quilts

i wrote a little before about joining my first round robin quilt group…the gals came up with the name, “round trip quilts,” and you can read more about it on my page here, and in my previous post here.

but as a refresher…

each lady makes the center of their own quilt and mails it to the next person who adds a little more, and mails it to the next person and so on and so forth…until it comes back to you as a completed quilt top.

i have become a lot more confident with my quilting, and love a challenge, so i thought this would be something new and fun to try out.

first, i got a notebook to collect my thoughts. i happened to find a small orange one on super sale, which matched what i had in mind. if i would’ve had more time i would’ve made the cover cuter, but alas, i did not, so this will have to do for now

wpid-wp-1409364213684.jpegthen i included all of my contact information, but for obvious reasons i have blurred most of it out

wpid-wp-1409364504693.jpegafter that, i tried as best as i could to explain my inspiration and design process, and my hopes and dreams for this quilt

wpid-img_20140824_223740.jpgnext came my color scheme/fabric pull

wpid-img_20140824_223731.jpgafter that i wrote a few extra notes and helpful hints for the ladies, and also included the directions for little trees that i would like them to use as signature blocks for my backing

wpid-wp-1409364254454.jpeg(the purl bee’s lovely little forest) you may remember the one i made for the ho, ho, ho blog hop, which you can read about here and here.

wpid-img_20140614_095109.jpgand last, but certainly not least…i mapped out my quilt’s travel itinerary


(can you tell that the old paper crafter in me was itching to come out and play? lol)

i decided to make a marcelle medallion for my center block. i was pretty proud of myself for using ONLY scraps to complete this, and not buying any new fabric. in my previous post i was upset because i didn’t have enough of certain prints, but after digging deep, i was able to find everything i needed. it’s not perfect, and i had to use some thick interfacing to secure some of the seams, but i love it!

wpid-wp-1409364236888.jpegyou may remember mr. fox i made awhile back…i’m sending him along too, and hoping someone can find a nice home for him somewhere in the layout once the quilt progresses a little more.

wpid-wp-1404087366580.jpegi tried to organize and send along some of my scraps that they can choose to use, but do not have to!

wpid-wp-1409364240863.jpegwpid-wp-1409364260403.jpegi’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with, and i will be sure to keep you updated on my page so make sure you check back often! i’m also excited to receive chelsea’s (patch the giraffe) center.

we were supposed to mail these packages out by sep 1, which is labor day/a holiday. i made brian rush me to the post office on friday night, and luckily made it there 2 minutes before they closed, lol. so my package is on it’s way to kim in georgia.

i also finished the quilt for my ong and ba (grandma and grandpa)! we are headed to maryland tomorrow, so after i present it to them, and take pictures, i will be posting about that.

❤ xtina