around the world blog hop

i’m sure you’ve all seen the “around the world blog hop” going on by now. it’s sad, but i tried to find the originator and was unable to! so thanks to whoever created the idea, i’m thankful to be a part of it!

who chose me?

anywho, i was “tagged” by stephanie over at, which was already flattering on its own…as i’m currently one of the participants in her supernova friendship block swap. we were also a part of the new quilt blogger blog hop together, and have since joined a bee together as well!

here she is with her family. she’s such a sweetheart!

stephanieshe’s only been quilting for a little over a year (just like me!) i’m obsessed with this “paint chip” quilt she made. not only did she design it herself, and hand embroider little sentiments…she did it all for a little boy who recently had brain surgery. what an inspiration to us all!

paint chipthanks stephanie for nominating me, i’m honored!

what am i currently working on?

as the name of my blog indicates (wips = works in progress), i always have a million projects going on! but i will choose my top three…

1. the gypsy wife quilt along…this has been very challenging, but also very rewarding. i even won three books from linking up every month with my completed blocks. here are a few of my favorite thus far…



wpid-wp-1406511186961.jpeg2. i literally just sent off my center block for my first ever round robin quilting experience (round trip quilts); therefore, i don’t have much to say about it yet, but i’m so excited to start adding to the other ladies’ quilts, and to see what they add to mine! here is my center block (a marcelle medallion) and mr. fox

wpid-wp-1409364236888.jpegwpid-wp-1404087366580.jpeg3. and although it’s not exactly a quilting project, there is something else i’m currently working on that i wanted to share. i used to be an avid reader, but when i became obsessed with quilting, i stopped making enough time for my other hobbies. therefore, i set a goal to read 30 new books before i turn 30 (on november 8th). you can find reviews of all of the books i have read thus far, here. i am currently on book 26, with just a short amount of time left! eek! so far, i would probably have to say that my favorite has been, “we were liars,” by e. lockhart. so good!

We Were Liars

how does my writing/creating process work?

i usually have a specific recipient in mind when i start a new project…such as a quilt for a baby, or a gift for the handmade birthday club. next, i head to pinterest or google images to search for ideas and inspiration. finally, i try to see what fabric i already have in my stash that i can use…but i inevitably have to make a trip to the fabric store, lol.

as far as writing goes, i would like to write more about the process and not just the product; however, most of my projects are presents, going to people who read my blog, so it’s a catch 22. i write to hold myself accountable, to document my growth, and usually to ask for help on something i am struggling with! (it’s always something, lol)

now to share three lovely ladies that i am continuously inspired by…

i met the first two during the new quilt blogger blog hop.

first up is rachael. i met a new friend all the way from the UK!

rachaelher craft room is to die for and she makes the most amazing “sketchy applique” cushions ever!appliqueisn’t that badger ADORABLE?! i’m SUPER excited because she said there is a package in the mail on it’s way to me and i simply cannot wait to see what it is! can you believe she’s only 21 and has only been quilting for about a year?! i wish i could craft with her in person, but i guess email will just have to do for now. you definitely need to go check out all of her other amazing projects at the floral suitcase.

next up is kelsey from lovely and enough. and those two words describe her SO WELL!

lesleyshe has such a beautiful spirit, and it really shines through in everything she does. kelsey graduated with degrees in both chemisty and studio art, and is currently pursuing her phd in textile chemistry. she also dances, quilts, blogs, designs and screen prints her own fabrics, and finds a way to include inspiring biblical text as well. i think all of her work has such a soft, feminine touch and can’t wait until she opens her etsy shop and starts selling some of her fabric!

lovelyenoughand last, but certainly not least, is daisy from ants to sugar. i met daisy through the gypsy wife quilt along, and have been obsessed with her blog and quilts ever since!

daisyshe is expecting another child, so i’d like to take a moment to congratulate her, because that is very exciting news! i believe i was actually the second person to “tag” daisy, so she has already written her installment for the hop. however, i still wanted to write about her because i love her that much lol.

first of all, the formatting on her blog is so sleek, inviting, and user friendly, i aspire to be like her one day! i can’t brag enough about her work, but something she made recently that really caught my eye was a paper pieced sailboat. she created the pattern herself, and is selling it on craftsy and etsy. she made it for the sewvivor challenge. the fabrics she chose were perfect, and after she added the frame it looks like a million bucks!

sailsstay tuned for lots of upcoming posts…i’ve been on vacation for 9 days and really need to catch up! i’ll be blogging about a completed quilt for my niece, a completed quilt for my grandparents, the strawberry swap, sunday stash, MY ENGAGEMENT!! and anything else i may have forgotten

thanks so much for stopping by and please don’t forget to visit my friends next monday for their turns!

❤ xtina