this post has been in the works for awhile…

i took part in yet another quilty swap on instagram, the strawberry swap.

the partner i was assigned, was mdeedy3

she was very open to whatever i wanted to make, but did mention that she likes bags. she also said that she prefers bright colors and pastels. with this info in mind, i decided to make one of the drawstring bags i have been loving so much. however, this time i decided to kick it up a notch by adding three outside pockets on each side. i love the look of linen with prints, and my hoarded heather ross briar rose strawberry was just the right fabric for the job.

wpid-img_20140720_115257.jpg wpid-img_20140720_115325.jpg wpid-img_20140714_063629.jpg wpid-img_20140714_063610.jpg

i lined the inside with a linen looking fabric that had a soft pink floral print, to try to tie it in with the strawberries. i lined the pockets and made the drawstrings a distressed purple to match the seeds of the strawberries.

wpid-img_20140807_224137.jpgmy partner said she doesn’t really like chocolate but she loves donuts…and she did have a lot of pictures on instagram of trips to krispie kreme. unfortunately there isn’t a krispie kreme by me, but i looked it up and there is a dunkin donuts close to her, so i got her a gift card. if you haven’t tried their chocolate chip cookie dough iced coffee, or pumpkin spice creme brulee iced coffee you are missing out! i also got her strawberry tic tacs, a strawberry eos lip balm, and a cute strawberry potholder from target that looks like a paper pieced quilt. i always see this adorable donut flannel print at joanns, and always want it, but never have a reason to buy it…well i finally did! lol. i sent her a yard, and hope she has fun creating with it.

when i returned home from my recent trip to maryland, i received my package from themodernbobbin

i love it!

i haven’t mastered applique yet, so i’m sure i asked for something using that technique. (sorry it’s been so long ago i hardly remember!)

anywho, she sent me the most adorable appliqued ombre strawberries that can either be a wall hanging or table runner

wpid-img_20140914_085209.jpgshe also sent me all of these extra goodies!


i’m obsessed with notebooks and this one looks very liberty of london 🙂

i always have a lot of fun with swaps, and almost signed up for a halloween one, but had to stop myself.

i’m already making my sister, who is away at college for the first time, and her roommate, some halloween goodies for a care package. i’m also making my little cousin something, and have quite a few things already in the works that i need to continue working on and/or catch up with.

we’re also trying to save for a wedding now, so i can’t be at the fabric store and/or post office every other day anymore 😥 lol

i’ll be posting soon about two completed quilts

❤ xtina