supernova september

usually before starting i take a picture of the five fabrics i have pulled for the current supernova block, but this month i was in a rush, so i was slacking!

there is a purple fabric ashlee and i picked together that i have really been avoiding for some reason…i don’t know why i don’t like it…i think it was just hard for me to pick fabrics that went well with it from the stash we had

but i figured i had to go ahead and get it over with, so here it is


in the end i really like it with the greenish yellow fabric, and the navy/teal fabric…but not so much the pink/coral

as usual, when ashlee and i got together to exchange our blocks, we both agreed that we never would have thought to pick the combination that the other had used. here is her block…surprisingly enough she used the dreaded purple this month as well, lol


here is the question that was presented  to us this month:

Forgiveness is an integral part of any healthy relationship. What does forgives mean to you? Share with your partner an example of a time you had to forgive someone — or someone had to forgive you — and how it strengthened the relationship.

i think my answer has two parts…i need to forgive both this person, and myself…and i have not completely done that yet. my father, God bless his soul, passed the year i graduated from college (2007). we never had the father daughter relationship i always hoped for…you know when your dad comes to the door to interrogate/intimidate your date, or calls you his little princess, etc. etc. we were kind of at odds before i left for school, and quickly became estranged. by the time i found out how sick he really was, time together was very limited and of course i did not deal well with seeing him so sick. now he will never walk me down the aisle or see his grand kids (assuming i have kids one day!) i blame myself for being stubborn, for holding a grudge, for waiting for him to be the bigger person, because now i can never get that precious time back. of course if i could go back in time and do it all over, i would handle things very differently. i know he’s smiling down on me from heaven, and i will see him again one day…but that still doesn’t take away the pain of losing a parent. i basically need to forgive him for being estranged and not trying to make things right with his only child before he passed.

pretty deep huh?!

ashlee and i have so much in common it’s almost scary sometimes. the person she needs to forgive is also her father, for 20 years of absence. she will write more details about it on her blog.

in other news, whenever ashlee and i visit each others’ houses, we always bring projects to work on. i arrived pretty late and knew i wasn’t going to have much time, so i just brought some hst’s to trim up. i started these for the layer cake quilt along, made two blocks, put them away and haven’t touched them since. oops! that night i managed to get almost 70 blocks ready.


i can’t believe next month we will be making our final block. it seems like this quilt along has gone so fast! ashlee and i have been discussing what color to use for our complimentary fabric, but i don’t think either of us has decided yet. i think i have at least narrowed mine down to either yellow or purple. (mostly because i already have those two colors in my stash and am trying to stop buying more fabric, lol)

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