una cama for king charlie

una cama = a bed

don’t say i never taught you anything! lol

king charlie = my director’s pet dog

all my quilty friends and followers can relate to this…how many times have you heard, “you know how to sew?! can you please ____________

fill in the blank with hem my pants, make me some curtains, etc. etc.


ok, but in all seriousness…my boss purchased this bed and thought it was too “girly.”


ps, that’s not charlie, that’s her parents’ dog, and i forget his name.

then, she bought some burnt orange fabric, and decided i could whip up a new mattress cover and matching pillow cases. urgh.

since we all know i am afraid of zippers, i told her from the beginning that i would be using an envelope style enclosure. (i’m pretty bad ass at this technique by now, lol)


wpid-img_20140810_184722.jpgi was also worried because i had never made anything 3 dimensional before, and was unsure how the edges/corners would turn out.

not too bad if i do say so myself

wpid-img_20140810_182801.jpg wpid-img_20140810_182743.jpgself taught right there. yea buddy! it’s so funny, because the whole time she kept saying, “all you have to do is…”

i was like, “oh really? if that’s all you have to do, why don’t you do it yourself?!” lol

oh yea, i also told her if she didn’t want it to be too “girly” i wasn’t going to priss it all up with piping. i then taught her what piping is (see below)

piping = decorate (clothing or soft furnishings) with a thin cord covered in fabric

i also partly refused to do piping, because i don’t know how, and i didn’t really want to learn for this occasion

i was going to wash it before giving it to her, you know, to present it nicely, but i knew with her high standards she probably would want to do laundry a specific way…good thing i didn’t, because she used dreft! she said it fit the mattress like a glove. yay!

i took A LOT longer to complete the pillows. the pillows are cylindrical. i don’t sew circles/curves. i know you’re probably thinking geez what do you sew?! right?! well hey, i like to make pillow covers and quilts and if you come to me asking for anything else, there are going to be a few stipulations!

but i felt really bad because i had already used the joann fabrics gift card she had paid me with back while i was in maryland (will insert pics later), so i figured it was probably time to get it over with.

also, i needed a letter from her for something and she was holding it ransom

i found a tutorial for drawstring bolster pillow covers and luckily she approved of them, only because charlie loves strings and would enjoy them on his new and improved bed.

ps, i named him king charlie, not her, lol

once i was done, they seemed pretty long, so i was a little apprehensive about handing them over to her

wpid-img_20140922_211525.jpgoops, forgot to crop my tootsies out of that photo. oh well

without further ado, i received this adorable text last night…


HOW STINKING ADORABLE IS HE?! i totally want a little fluffy puppy now!! and i think with his white fur, his new beds suits him wonderfully!

i’m so happy her and charlie are happy, and i can cross another project off of my to do list

although this was an overall success story in the end, i don’t see myself stitching anymore custom poochie bed sets, sorry!

what projects were you dreading that you finally completed?

❀ xtina