a day late and a giveaway short? (september gypsy wife blocks)

yesterday i was totally prepared to come home and crank out my september gypsy wife blocks. i had looked ahead at the blocks for this month, and they didn’t seem too difficult. the night before i even planned a crockpot meal, so i wouldn’t have to worry about making dinner once i got home. i even made enough for our friend kelly, who was going to take a ride on his new bike to our neighborhood and join us. i ran, showered, and quickly started cutting like a bat out of…well, you know.

i had all of this set up, ironed, and ready to go…


…when i was informed of a miscommunication error. (aka the boys did the planning) kelly had already taken a bike ride on his lunch break, and was waiting for his wife to come home so that they could both come over for dinner and bring their 3 year old son brody with them.

well the house was a mess, and the house also isn’t very kid friendly (aka i have a bunch of crap everywhere!), and it was already super late and close to brody’s bedtime…so we decided to pack up the crock pot and  just bring it over to their house instead.

dinner was delicious, but needless to say, my quilting did not get completed.

i was a little bummed because this is the only project i have actually stuck with every month, which is surprising for one, because i have crafting add, and for two because it has been such a pain in my butt!

i decided i could come home tonight, finish what i started, and wouldn’t feel too bad about myself just for being one day behind. which is exactly what i did. and you know what? this is the happiest i have been with my blocks thus far. they all came out perfect (me using my own measurements and not the pattern’s of course), the points match up for the most part, and i really like the colors i used too (although it’s getting very redundant making all these darn square in a square blocks and trying to come up with different color/print combos from such a select few fabrics.) i can’t stress enough how much of a lifesaver that tutorial/chart has been! it’s literally the only thing bookmarked on my phone.


hey, i even added a watermark this month…on to bigger and better things! lol. (don’t get used to it)

but, the even better news, is that went i went to check out the hostess for this month, just to take a look at what sponsor/giveaway i missed, it appears that the link up is still open for 6 more days! don’t know if that was a glitch, but i for sure will be testing it out! no shame in my game, lol 🙂 you can read about it on splish splash stash.

in other news, the other day on instagram (my fave!), make modern magazine, a new online magazine for quilters, by quilters, asked its followers to show off how they organize their stashes. well we all know i’m not the most organized person in the bunch, however i did submit these two photos and was asked to email them to one of the creators, jane. i first met her during the new quilt bloggers’ blog hop, and the group we created shortly after, where she told us about her plans to start the magazine. perhaps my quirky craft room will be “published?” lol


see my scrapbook paper stashes above and to the left of the fabric stash? smh. this is just an old (free) mail filing system i got from work, that was about to be thrown away. doesn’t fit much fabric, but i like being able to visually see the choices right away, and access them easily.

for smaller scraps, i simply use color coded ziploc bags. so easy to transport and clean up!


i don’t know how much sewing will be done in the next few days. i have a huge birthday painting to make for my mom by the 10th

❤ xtina