epic progress report!

it seems like i haven’t posted in forever! i have a lot of projects to talk about, and even more that will have to be saved for future posts, so here goes nothin…

when i visited my family last month in maryland, i learned about my little cousin grant’s security items. they are plain little white bibs, that he calls babows; pronounced ba bow (like at the end of the performance when people are cheering for you and you take a bow). i really don’t know if this is the proper way to spell it, because he obviously made up the word, lol. anyway, he likes to smell them when they are fresh from the dryer and rubs the silky little tag on the backside. however, the new ones my aunt and uncle bought for him have more of a paper tag, and he doesn’t like them as much. enter cousin nina! by the way did i mention that he loves spiderman? here is a picture of him with the new toy i bought him while visiting. he loved that cute little thing, lol.


my mom is going to visit my family now, and i decided to whip up some new babows to send with her, and i made sure to use a bunch of different textures. the front has a 3D puff paint feel and the edges are satin


and the backs are minky with raised dots

backi really hope he loves them!

i also finally decided on a design concept for my igminiswap partner. she gave me absolutely nothing to work with at all! so i had to stalk her pinterest and come up with the best i could do. here is a sneak peek. i have since made a lot more progress, but haven’t taken any pics yet. it’s not due until december, so i still have awhile to go…


i made the siamese cat to join the calico for my grandmother’s birthday present. i still have two more to go


i sent my friend danielle some coral and mustard scraps for a vintage cushion cover she is making. she is going to send me some low volume scraps in exchange. yay!


i painted this ombre’ canvas for my mother’s birthday


it matches my bedroom perfectly and i was almost tempted to keep it, lol. hopefully though at her house the first two lines won’t blend in with the wall behind it :/

i restarted cross stitching my friend ashlee’s family portrait. i originally did it on linen and the people were way too small. here is ashlee and the beginnings of archer


i made two more blocks for the layer cake sampler quilt along (LATE! i know, lol)

layer cake

i made my large, 18 inch modern maple october bee block for kate. she wanted realistic leaf colors, a solid stem, and a gray background. here is what i came up with


and last, but certainly not least, i made a halloween care package for my baby sister tori.


first, i made her a lined drawstring bag using some fabrics she had previously told me she liked. i even made pockets on the outside for extra storage.


bag2i filled it with sweet snacks

sweetsalty snacks

saltyschool supplies


post itsand other miscellaneous, fun items


she was so excited! it was very good to see her over fall break, and we hope to visit her soon at purdue. i’m sure i’ll be posting again soon, as i still have a lot of catch up to do!

❤ xtina