sunday smorgasbord

i have really been on a roll these past few weekends!

on friday night, ashlee came over for crafts. i made lemon chicken orzo soup (delish!) and garlic parmesan pull apart bread (also delish!) i was supposed to make dessert too, but luckily ashlee didn’t hold me to that. we also swapped our supernova blocks, the last one! but i will write about that in a separate post, probably tomorrow.

usually when i go to ashlee’s i never feel like getting any work done, so i just talk to her and watch or help her with whatever project she’s doing. well, the roles were reversed this time, as i got a lot accomplished and it was her turn to sit and brainstorm, lol. i am almost finished with my ig mini quilt…ashlee thinks i should keep it. i do actually really like the way it is turning out

wpid-wp-1413767285829.jpegthen, i dusted off brian’s colts fabric, and revamped the design. i originally planned to do the x and plus block, but for some reason i was struggling with them, so i decided to switch to x’s and o’s…which kind of fits the football theme a little more i think. or it could just be for hugs and kisses, lol. however you want to look at it! think i can get it done by christmas? he keeps giving me a hard time about it. whenever he tells people that i am a quilter, he always likes to throw in the fact that i have never made him a quilt, and have been promising him a colts blanket for over 2 years. HA!


wpid-wp-1413767292411.jpegthen on saturday, while brian watched football at his friend’s house, i worked on some other projects.

i blame ashlee for getting me interested in the donut quilt, but i guess i caught the bug. i decided to go with a pink, gray, and low volume theme. here are some of the blocks i’ve whipped up already. the best part is that these were all from my stash. for the win!

wpid-wp-1413767289185.jpegi was going to try to get it done by the 31st of the month, because one of the popular long arm quilters is offering 25% off, on this pattern specifically, but i don’t know if i am motivated enough. either way, i think it will be darling! i even have a bunch of this fabric i bought from someone’s destash that i think will make the perfect back!

wpid-wp-1413767272367.jpegwhat do you think?

i got all of the eyes embroidered on my kitties, and even started joining the blocks. i designed them a little bigger than i probably should’ve, so the pillow is going to be a lot bigger than i originally planned. now i am wondering if i should just get mimi a cat book for her birthday, and save this bad boy for christmas. we shall see. i also found some cute paw prints to use for the back

wpid-wp-1413767177553.jpegi finally found a stocking pattern i like and got the template ready (in my gallery the picture is vertical, as it should be. i don’t know why it isn’t showing up right. sorry! #wordpressproblems)

wpid-wp-1413767259496.jpeghere is the fabric i plan to use. vintage!

wpid-wp-1413767268964.jpegmy long awaited book and pattern finally came in the mail

wpid-wp-1413767264305.jpeghowever, i am upset about the book, because it is not the kind of paper piecing i thought it was going to be! you have to cut out the pieces and add a seam allowance to them. is that english? i don’t know. i just know that it’s not the way i know how to do 😦 i’m pretty good at doing the math and figuring out patterns on my own, however, i just didn’t want to put in the effort for preppy the whale, lol

a while back, my brother sam got me a gift card to an online fabric store. the other day they offered free shipping, so i finally cashed in on it and ordered this adorable fabric. can’t wait til it gets here! i think i may use it for the back of my triangle quilt that features pink, yellow and kermit the frog fabrics. yes!

rpineapple_pink_shop_previewi am planning to open a new etsy shop, (sooner rather than later i hope!) and got a lot of work done on the first product i want to list. sneak peek!

wpid-wp-1413767280161.jpegwhich brings us to today…

i LOVE christmas, and this is about the time christmas stuff is starting to appear. so when i found out about the fair isle quilt along, it didn’t take long for me to jump on board

wpid-wp-1413767363311.jpeghowever, you all know i have an aversion to red, so i have decided to change up the color scheme to my likings. i also am using some prints and not all solids. i think it’s going to be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY! cutting is not supposed to start until thursday, but i am the worst procrastinator, and it’s a pretty big project, and i have a million other projects going on, and also i pulled completely from my stash again, so i kind of got a head start. i need to go to the store and get some more yardage of most of the fabrics i’ve selected, so i needed to get an idea of about how much to get. here is a sneak peek…sorry it’s a crappy picture, but i was entirely too lazy to get all of the fabrics back out of the bags and line them up all pretty. you shall see them soon enough, i promise!
wpid-wp-1413767295866.jpegit felt so good finally taking a big chunk out of my stash and getting to reorganize some things. maybe guests might actually be able to use the guest room now, lol ;P

and to wrap things up, i wanted to share why i love giving gifts:

the other day i got this pic from my sis, enjoying one of the snacks i included in her care package

wpid-wp-1413766136880.jpega long time ago, i forgot to post when my friend kim on instagram received her “giveaway prize” from me

wpid-20140809_004900.jpgand the message she sent along with itwpid-20140809_004921.jpgand then she even mentioned me in another post about giveaways in general on instagram

wpid-screenshot_2014-09-03-23-23-31.pnghow sweet!

and finally, my aunt just sent me pictures of my cousin grant with his new babows…smelling them and rubbing them on his face and saying how soft they are. my heart melts!

wpid-wp-1413766140721.jpeg wpid-wp-1413766145333.jpeg wpid-wp-1413766152539.jpegwhew! now i’m exhausted! after a 2 week fall break without students, tomorrow should be a very interesting day in my classroom! we are supposed to wear pink all week for breast cancer awareness, and even get to tie dye tomorrow! my fave!

thanks for sticking with me, that was a long post. i appreciate ya!

❤ xtina