last supernova!

i can’t believe it’s already october! pretty soon it will be thanksgiving, and then christmas, and then 2015. yikes!

anywho, this is the month ashlee and i swapped our last supernova block for the quilt along. sounds so dramatic huh? lol

don’t worry, we still have to add sashing, and bind it and quilt it and all of that, so you haven’t seen the last of us, or our supernovas, just yet.

here is the fabric combination i started with


i guess i probably should’ve switched the red and teal, as the colors are supposed to be in order from lightest to darkest. would you say that aqua is lighter than the yellow? maybe i should’ve made the photo black and white so i could get a better grasp of the values? oh well, too late now! but i think it did have a drastic affect on the block…this is probably one of our darker blocks, and the placement of the colors is way different than the others as well. this is probably my least favorite block…which is fine, because we only need 9 blocks, and we have 10, so one doesn’t get to make the cut anyway, lol



and here are our two blocks together


i’m pretty sure that the one ashlee made (on top) is my favorite out of all the blocks either of us have made so far. i obviously would’ve never thought to put those colors together, which is why i loved this swap so much. we laid all the blocks out together and it was SO PRETTY! i can’t wait to start putting them together.

i had originally decided on yellow for my “contrasting” color, but literally the middle of every block is a lot of yellow, so i might rethink it. maybe aqua? that is pretty close to my favorite color (mint), lol. suggestions?

and then came the getting to know you (better) part. the questions have been pretty deep lately if you ask me, but no one did, lol, so here goes…

this month’s (final) question was:

What are the unexpected blessings in your life? What are the things that maybe you at first thought were a terrible twist of fate, but then turned into a lovely gift?

this was a little difficult for both of us to answer…we kind of did our own spin on it, and simply decided to state a blessing in general, or something we are thankful for.

i said my health. i lost my father to cancer 7 years ago, my grandmother to cancer. my mom had a tumor removed from her spine when i was in high school, and a lot of bad stuff runs in my family. i have even had a couple of health scares myself. our health is something we take for granted. we only have this one life, and this one body, and we need to really take care of it and cherish it. i went to the doctor last week on spring break and got a lot of tests and blood work done, and i had all positive results, so that was a big relief for me, and was weighing heavy on my heart. you can read more about my weight loss journey on my personal blog.

ashlee’s answer was similar in a way. she said she was thankful and blessed with her two beautiful, healthy, children. getting pregnant, carrying full term, and delivering have been risky and complicated for her, but through it all she now has archer and griffin!

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