nina who? nina boo (an etsy shop!)

ok, so i was trying to wait until i had a cute banner to display, and until i had at least three items to sell…but you all know how i am about instant gratification. you also know how i am about procrastinating. how do those two things even go together?! so, i was super excited, and figured i’d better do it now or never, and i can always update later…

what the heck am i talking about?

i finally (re)opened my etsy shop! i say reopened, because i used to have one back in the day. it was called hoosier decorator…supposed to be a play on words. i sold (or tried to sell rather) custom canvases, picture frames, stepping stools, etc. for children’s rooms. i only had one sale, and that was because the woman had seen me at a local craft fair and didn’t return to my booth in time to purchase the item she wanted, so she looked me up on etsy. most of my sales in that department come from returning customers and/or word of mouth.

whenever people find out i am a multi crafter, they almost always suggest i sell my stuff on etsy. it’s not that easy people i’m tryna tell ya! promoting an etsy shop is a full time job! granted back then social media wasn’t as popular and helpful as it is now, but still! i definitely don’t plan on making millions that’s for sure.

however, my fabric stash is starting to overflow into the guest room, and we are trying to save for a wedding…so i figured let’s use up some of this good stuff, enjoy what i’m doing, and earn a little extra money in the meantime. makes sense right?

but i’m getting ahead of myself. choosing names for things is nerve wrecking! i can’t imagine if we ever get a dog, let alone have children! i obviously didn’t want to keep my old shop name. plus, i figure a lot of names i like are already off the market.

long story short, when my cousin was little, she couldn’t say my name. (christina) she called me nina. ever since then it has stuck and that’s what all of my family has always called me. well, once brian found out about this little family secret, he decided he wanted to be in on it too. i wasn’t having that! that nickname is solely reserved for family alone! i guess he thought he would spruce it up by adding a “boo” to the end. at first i didn’t like it at all, but it has since grown on me.

once upon a time there was a really good promotion on custom labels, so i jumped on the deal, and had to quickly come up with a name for them on the fly. i quickly picked nina boo quilts (with a safety pin image) and am now stuck with like 150 of them, lol

so for now, i am the proud owner of nina boo quilts, haha

i may someday change it to my other blog’s name (wholesome midwestern) but i don’t know…we shall see.

ninabooquiltsand without further ado, here is the first item i listed this evening

quilt front quilt backquilt comboa nice fun, simple, colorful, whimsical patchwork quilt. those underoos are to die for!

it’s really only big enough to be used as a car seat cover, stroller blankie, diaper change station or swing/pumpkin seat quilt, but that’s ok.

here are some more detail shots (shown on the blog only)…we all know my photography skills are not the best, but i hope that does not deter any potential buyers 😦

wpid-img_20141021_190643.jpgthe infamous labels i now own a plethora of!

wpid-img_20141021_190836.jpgi tried a new kind of looped corner i guess? i saw it on a tutorial and gave it a try since perfect mitered corners are always so difficult for me. how do you feel about it?

wpid-img_20141021_190848.jpgthe best part is that i caught ALL of the binding! i didn’t mess up once! that may be a small feat for most of you, but it was a giant leap for me! yay!

and finally just another folded up shot on the old ironing board.


it didn’t get as crinkly as i would have liked. any suggestions for future reference?

you know you and your baby want this lovey! lol

ok, enough work for one evening, time to go spend some qt with my poochie and my man. happy shopping y’all!

❤ xtina