playing hooky

i feel like i was a total bum this weekend and didn’t get much done. i was also in a super funky mood this morning, and decided to treat myself to a personal day. however, if you know me, i can’t sit around idle. i couldn’t even sleep in, although trust me i tried, ugh! so i got up and of course made a to do list. i was probably more productive today than i was both saturday and sunday put together.

on friday night, brian grilled steaks for us. that is his favorite summer evening activity, and is probably the last time we will get to enjoy it this season. i made asparagus and cut some fresh cantaloupe. after that he played video games and i finally finished this huge birthday present for my mimi



if you recall from past gifts, mimi loves cats! she mentions the cross stitch i made for her almost every time we are together. that makes my heart smile šŸ™‚ so of course i knew i wanted to make something cat related. i saw these cuties on instagram (you should all know by now that i am obsessed!) and quickly drafted a pattern. unfortunately, i made them a little bigger than necessary, and instead of making her an 18 inch pillow, i had to throw on some borders and make it a whopping 24 inches!

i love how scrappy the kitties are, and how crinkly it got after washing. i got a little lazy by the time i made it to the back. i wanted to do some paper pieced letters to spell out her name, and i wanted to do some more creative quilting than wonky lines, but time got the best of me.

her birthday was on saturday, and unfortunately i did not get to see her, but my parents did inform her that i have a special surprise waiting. i can’t wait to give it to her, as she is always super appreciative of the gifts i make.

on friday i also finally finished my 30 new books before turning 30, with a week and a day left to spare! you can read my review on each of the books here, and a breakdown of the books here.

saturday, we finally made it to the pumpkin patch, but i will write about that more after our pumpkins are complete.

sunday we watched the colts game, visited my parents, and did some laundry.

today i got all by one thing done from my to do list. i…

-paid bills

-updated my amazon wishlist (my birthday is coming up and my mom mentioned that she would be shopping on there soon) it’s funny how much my wants have changed in just a year. my list is now mostly comprised of health food stuff, fabric, and quilting books/patterns

-tried a new recipe for dinner…bourbon chicken (in the crockpot) and udon noodles. i think brian liked it more than i did

-made something to sell on etsy. it is listed here




i attempted to make a bapron too, but it was an epic fail, so i won’t even go there

-organized my clothes because my bedroom was a hot mess!

-FINALLY completed and submitted everything i needed to renew my teaching license

-updated my resume and cover letter, and applied for a few jobs

-ordered my dad’s birthday present

-changed wilbur’s water (my fish)

-and although it wasn’t on my list, i got a lot of work done on my donut quilt, but was too lazy to lay it out and take pics, plus it was already late in the evening, and i have horrible lighting in my house

-i wanted to run, but that didn’t happen. tisk tisk šŸ˜¦

-i’m blogging now, which was on my list

-and to finish the evening, i need to write at least one of two more articles due before the end of the month. eek!

all in all i’d say a pretty productive day right?

ā¤ xtina