round trip quilts, round one

well, i have put this post off long enough, and i am very anxious to share, so here goes!

for the first round, i had the pleasure of working on chelsea’s (patch the giraffe) quilt.

let me just tell you…it is A-MAZ-ING!! i was soooo afraid to mess it up. she has a way with low volume fabrics that i could only dream of!

it came to me like this:


dreamy huh?!

after reading her journal and trying to get a feel for what she wanted, i sketched up about a million ideas. no joke, i was horribly undecided

wpid-img_20140928_170321.jpg wpid-img_20140928_170325.jpg

i really wanted to include these cute coral chevron blocks, but apparently my quilty math stinks big time, and the measurements just didn’t work out right 😦 i did send them along though, and hope that someone, somewhere can incorporate them along the way


chelsea didn’t necessarily want a completely symmetrical, medallion/border style quilt…she also only wants it to be lap sized, so although i could’ve probably kept going, i decided to stop after adding just two sides. i luckily got to keep my little chinese stars (as i like to call them. don’t know the official name. i think maybe friendship stars?) and i got to add some wonky little pluses too. i happened to have a lot of the colors already, so i saved the fabrics she sent along for the rest of the ladies to use. here it is after my final additions. what do you think?


i wanted to share a bit about what is going on with my quilt too, but kim hasn’t posted yet, so i decided to just nix that idea. i just received my next package in the mail, and am as equally impressed with mary’s as i was with chelsea’s! i’m really loving this group. so much fun, and what a challenge, too! i’m going to be so sad when it is over.

❤ xtina