“gypsy strife,” or “the ex-gypsy wife”

yes i am the crazy lady who stays up until 3 am on a friday night (saturday morning?) to finish my blocks for this month just in the nick of time. this is the first quilt along i have ever done, and i must say it has been a challenge. you all may recall the problems i had at the beginning with deciphering the pattern and making perfect points…in fact i’m half tempted to the change the name of this pattern to “gypsy strife,” or “the ex-gypsy wife!”

unfortunately i’m not here to tell you that my blocks are now perfect each time…perhaps that i am just less ocd about them. in the grand scheme of things this quilt is SO busy, i doubt anyone is going to dwell on slight imperfections. i sure as heck am not!

but as i was saying, i feel like i should finally follow through with one of these bright ideas i commit to, and as much as i’ve been through with this particular project, it might as well be this one! the fact that i have a whole month to complete such a small amount of blocks is both a blessing and a curse…the procrastinator in me always wants to put it off and work on other more pressing matters at the time (whatever those may be)! but of course the poor crafter in me also wants to link up each month for a chance to win cool prizes!

this weekend we are going to be out of town, and seeing as how it’s already the 31st of october (well i guess it’s technically november 1st now) i figured it was now or never. if i would have been just a wee bit smarter, i would’ve looked at the hostess’ blog and realized she is giving us a WHOLE extra week to link up. grrrrr. the sleepy brat in me was not too happy to read that. anyway, at least now it is done, and i can relax, mark another thing off my to do list, and not feel like a worthless blob that didn’t get anything accomplished this weekend lol.

the finish line is in sight and i couldn’t be more excited! after november’s blocks all we have to do is the stripping. this means it was time to start wrapping things up; therefore, i was actually a little choosier with my fabrics this month. i’ve been using tons of blues (naturally, seeing as how those are my favorite colors!), so i wanted to make sure to get in a little more green and purple and a pop of coral/orange. i also didn’t go as scrappy as the directions instructed, because i think it’s already pretty busy as it is, and i don’t want the prints to get “lost in the sauce.”

without further ado, here is my nurse’s crossIMG_0018

my two old maid puzzles


and my five…you guessed it…square in a square blocks! wouldn’t be a completed gypsy wife month if it didn’t include some of these

IMG_0020linking up with kathy, at  i am a crafty kat

have a great weekend! i hope to get in a run tomorrow before we head off, because i have been SLACKING!

i am also packing some small projects to work on, so maybe i will have a quick progress report to share when i get home sunday night!

❤ xtina