two old(ish) finishes

i feel like life is a big waiting game…waiting to get off work. waiting in traffic to get home. waiting to clean up after dinner so you can relax for a bit. waiting (with dread) for the alarm clock to go off in the morning, and for it all to start over again.

as far as blogging goes, i am always waiting to fully complete a project, or waiting to present a gift to someone before posting about it.

currently, i have been waiting for pics to add to this post, but since i’ve been waiting since september (which in retrospect really isn’t that long ago) and am afraid it’ll slip my mind and fall through the cracks, i’ve decided to just suck it up and write without them.

my ong and ba (maternal grandparents-vietnamese) are two of my favorite people in the whole world. i was the first grandchild and am not afraid to admit that i was Spoiled with a capital S! unfortunately they live in maryland, and although we try to see them at least once a year, that doesn’t always end up happening. this year i am very blessed, because i just got to see them in september at my cousin’s wedding, and will get to see them again at christmas to celebrate their 60th? wedding anniversary.

brian and i took a trip to ikea a few weeks before our labor day trip to maryland, and i found some gorgeous koi fish fabric. i decided right away that i absolutely had to make a quilt for my grandparents with it, and was in a huge time crunch. this is probably the fastest i have ever completed a quilt. but i chose a simple enough pattern (courthouse steps), and focused every night…this was special and i wanted it to be perfect! i never actually took the fabric out of the package until i was ready to use it for backing. imagine my surprise when i realized that it was orange, white and BLACK, when all along i had thought it was NAVY. oh well! orange and black would’ve looked a little too halloween, and that was not the look i was going for. i was waiting for pictures of my grandparents with the quilt, but i guess i will have to take some myself when i head back there in december.

the quilt is pretty small (remember, i had a strict schedule to stick too, and plus they are pretty small people!) but i think it will make a perfect lap blanket for the couch.

sorry for the crappy pics, it was really sunny outside and we were in a hurry to get on the road. here is the backside


here is a close up of the quilting. i alternated between orange and navy thread so it would really contrast and stand out. i love those little things that look like lightening bolts to me, but i think are actually supposed to be ribbon, lol


and here’s the front! i used a nice thick, solid, white border to not only add size, but also to showcase the courthouse steps in the middle

wpid-img_20140830_180005.jpg wpid-img_20140830_180030.jpg

here’s a close up of the quilting on the back. i love the look the white water ripples on the fabric already create. i also really loved sewing with the fabric in general. it said it was 100% cotton, but felt different than anything i’ve ever used before. i don’t know how to explain it. but it didn’t pucker anywhere, and that alone is a treat, lol


also, can i just brag on these mitered corners for a minute? i’m getting way better at them. i think this is the best they’ve every turned out and that makes me very, very happy!



my grandparents loved it and were very impressed that i made it. they were also very appreciative that i made it just for them. they even said that red goldfish are good luck. these aren’t red goldfish per say, but no harm in letting them think that πŸ˜‰

the second quilt was for my brand new niece, genovieve. my step brother and his girlfriend named her after my late father (jenoe). they told me that her nursery was going to be gray and purple, and that was enough inspiration to get me started. i found this adorable owl fabric, paired it with some solid purples, and solid gray, and was on my way. i found the very easy snowball pattern, that i think has a great visual effect.


i even practiced my sketchy applique to add a pink “G”


i also tried hand tying for the first time. i had to get some special needles, but it was a lot easier than i thought it would be, and i liked the way it looked too


i used a nice soft, warm, pink gingham flannel for the back


and made my own bias out of some cute pink and gray floral fabric


still waiting for pics of gretchen holding this at her baby shower, and of course of my cute new niece wrapped up in it, but i guess i will have to head to their house and take some pics on my own!


and there you have it! two very different quilts

❀ xtina