selfish sewing (first time for everything!)

i’ve done it! i’ve actually gone and sewn something for MYSELF!

i absolutely LOVE christmas. i think love is a huge understatement. i think it’s my defense mechanism for absolutely hating winter. and it’s not about the presents, although presents are an added bonus 😉 i love the fireplace with stockings hanging on the mantle. i love cups of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. i love fleece pajama pants and wool socks and microfiber robes. i love berets and uggs and warm thick scarves and cozy mittens. i love jingle bells and holly berries and snowmen with crooked smiles in the backyard.

my countdown to christmas seriously stays up year round. but i’m not a fan of the cliche red and green santa and rudolph displays…think goodnight moon mixed with an ugly knit sweater. vintage. retro. nordic. fair isle.

Photo 576

a lot of tempting holiday fabrics have been popping up on instagram, so i didn’t hesitate to use my birthday joann’s gift card on a small stash of my own. (my good friend ashlee also graciously shared some of her xmas prints with me!) i saw an adorable pouch for sale on instagram using some of these same fabrics, but it was almost $50! i decided i could buy the fabric, put in a little work, and make an early christmas present for myself.

i already had the pillow, and have been wanting to try sewing with triangles…it was the easiest decision i’ve ever made.

i cut all of the fabric on my birthday (saturday night, when i stayed up until 4 am!) i assembled most of them yesterday, but finished the rest of them this afternoon. (luckily for me, i had today off!) but i couldn’t stop there. i worked fiercely until brian got home, and a little bit after too. we went to our friends’ house for dinner, but i wanted to wash it and pop it in the dryer before heading over there.

i couldn’t wait to check on it as soon as we got home. it’s perfect! here’s the front


and a close up


here’s the back


and a close up


and here i am thoroughly enjoying it!



you know red is one of my least favorite colors, but i chose to embrace it for this project. i used red thread for the quilting, and red binding. (binding a pillow on the outside edges is another new technique for me, but i really like the way it turned out!) this is a small one, only 16 inches, but i don’t think i could’ve handled much more. plus, i wouldn’t have been able to get it done as quickly. i wanted to tie yarn at the of the intersections where the points of the triangles meet, but i was too impatient. i think that would’ve given it even more of a vintage look. ashlee wanted me to sew a pom pom border which also would’ve been freaking adorable, but again, that would’ve involved me going all the way back to the fabric store, lol. she says i’ll just have to make another.

i think this cutie might have to be a new staple on the couch or the bed or even in the craft room! it makes me very very happy

but i’m pooped and have to be up soon for work so i must leave you for now

❤ xtina