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this is the kind of mood i was in all weekend…duck lips, messy bun, and a warm robe. i was unmotivated to do anything, which is horrible when you have signed up for SO MUCH to do!! or maybe that’s the exact reason i was so unmotivated, because i put too much on my plate as usual. i also don’t know if craft ADD is a good thing when you have a crap ton of projects, or not. on one hand, you don’t have to stick with something when you get tired of it, on the other hand, nothing seems to ever get done, lol. wpid-img_20141115_153315.jpgin order to motivate myself to write this, first i will share a bunch of old completed projects…the pics are taking up room on my phone, and none of them are really significant enough to have their own post, lol. nice logic huh?

here are the two pottery pieces brian and i painted a while back after they were fired. i think they turned out really well! i’m afraid to hang my cross though, because it was soooo much work, and i would be devastated if it fell and broke! as planned, brian uses his on his nightstand for his wallet, inhaler, keys, etc.



here is the stool i painted for my friend’s newborn daughter malia. she wanted me to use pink, white, and lavender to match the dance/ballet themed nursery. her middle name is pearl, so i think the little scalloped dots i made really fit that well. it feels very “parisian” to me…i’m happy with it (sorry i don’t know why it’s spacing the pictures like that, but it’s really annoying the ocd in me!)

wpid-img_20140920_142104.jpg wpid-img_20140920_142141.jpgwpid-img_20140920_142123.jpg

up next is the needle roll i made for andrea, for the handmade birthday club. she is new to crochet, and likes gray and teal combinations. i used a heavy weight fabric to make it durable. i made two “levels” of pockets, and a flap to cover the needle heads while traveling. i even bought a pack of beginner needles for her to start out with. for “extras” i sent a nice skein of yarn, her favorite candies, birthday cake flavored gum, and i already mentioned the needles 😉 this would make a good make up brush and/or jewelry travel roll too!

wpid-20141013_195317.jpg wpid-20141013_195334.jpg wpid-img_20141013_195035.jpg wpid-20141013_195351.jpg wpid-img_20141101_011403.jpg


i finished my donut quilt top. i used pinks, grays, and low volumes. i thought i would be different and make a “scrappy” version, but i don’t like it as much as the others i’ve seen with just a plain solid colored background 😦


i already have the backing fabric picked out, and a pink variegated thread to quilt with…however, this project was just for fun, so sadly i need to focus on more pressing matters before i return to it

i made my first (successful) zipper pouch, although it is tiny as all get out! and the tutorial didn’t have me use interfacing or line it either, so i don’t really know what i can put in this, lol. it’s very cute, but not very practical. i might just stick to drawstring bags for awhile


i’ve been working on the next round robin quilt i received. i set myself up for failure by deciding on 4.5 inch log cabin blocks for an all around border. it’s a pain in the a$$ but i really love the way it’s turning out so far. i made a few more this weekend but didn’t take an updated picture


i don’t know if i told you or not, but the orkin man asked me to make pillow cases for his three kids…it started out very well


but ended in frustration. if you can’t tell what’s happening in this picture, i centered the name on the cuff of the pillowcase, and once i actually sewed it all together, it didn’t like up right…it’s on the edge. so now i guess i have to unpick everything and rethink the layout, but as of now i just want to throw it in the fire! ugh!


i’ve gotten my igminiswap quilt almost complete, but while i was trying to use the embroider option on my machine to type up a label, i had difficulties and again got frustrated. it wasn’t a very good weekend for me, lol


so i switched gears and made a football for brian’s colts quilt


here is one out of 10 poinsettia blocks i’ve made for the fair isle christmas quilt along. i’ve done a bit more work on this, but am way behind. i’m supposed to have all of these, plus fir trees, plus reindeer done. oops!


my mom sent me this nice text the other day


another thing that is causing me stress, is this book right here


apparently it’s english paper piecing, which i don’t know how to do and i am really mad i bought it in the first place. but i bought it to make a present for brooke in the handmade birthday club, so that has set me behind. then i purchased another pattern to try to make for her, but i failed at that too, so now i am lost. she likes sewing notions, so i was thinking sewing machine, scissors, etc. someone already made her a thread/spool mini quilt. i don’t want to keep buying patterns though!

i am also having a difficult time with the bee block of the month. she wants us to make improv trees, and provided the tutorial for us to use, but my first attempt didn’t go so great.

and finally, i am working on a project that i have been sworn to secrecy about…but it is actually going very well, lol. too bad i can’t share it.

so that’s most of the chaos i’ve got going on around here.

usually i like to share all of the progress i have made, but sometimes it’s good to be honest and share your hardships too. grrrr!

anything been giving you trouble lately?

❤ xtina