round robin ransom

if mary ever wants to see her quilt again, she must pay me $1 million…in small bills.

no but seriously, i really want to say this project got lost in the mail and keep it for myself

when i received the quilt in progress, it already had mary’s center, and chelsea’s first border, and measured approximately 24 inches square


i LOVE that paper pieced center, and am obsessed with those arrows as well. i’m also a big fan of the bright colors paired with the scrappy low volume background

as you already know, we each sent along a little notebook with our quilt centers stating our hopes and dreams for our completed quilts. mary was very detailed in what she likes/dislikes, so that was very helpful

the things that stuck out most to me were geometric/graphic shapes, rainbows/gradients, medallion borders, and symmetry

she even included a print out of oh fransson’s aviatrix medallion


i contemplated making those little butterfly blocks, or even just those stripey solid blocks, for some insane reason i decided to go with tiny log cabins. i used red pepper quilts’ tutorial for 4.5 inchers. because mary specifically stated that she likes symmetry, i knew i had to make borders for all 4 sides. i ended up making 28 of them! it was definitely a labor of love. the best part is that i made them entirely from scraps. the strips are only an inch wide, so this is a perfect scrap buster project if you are looking for one. unfortunately my low volume collection isn’t that extensive yet, so i had to get pretty creative with my fabric combos. however, some of the pairings i would’ve never thought about before making these, but now i want to go back and make some more for myself! (isn’t that always the case?!)




you already know this blue corner is my fave!

the rainbow order was getting a little confusing to keep up with, so i used the center/original block as my foundation and tried to follow that. after my additions, the block now measures approximately 33 inches square

indiana weather is a bear, so please pardon the windy photo shoot, but here she is in all her glory



omg i’m in love!! looking at it now, i’m wondering if maybe i should’ve added a little black?

in all seriousness, i feel like this is the most rewarding/most impressive project i’ve had the pleasure to be a part of

anywho, i hope mary loves it as much as i do, and if not i will gladly take it off her hands, lol

i also finished my igminiswap quilt today, and a mini quilt for the handmade birthday club, but i can’t share either of them yet

hope you had a productive weekend as well!

❀ xtina