by the skin of my teeth!

narrow, barely. usually used in regard to a narrow escape from a disaster.

yes, i think falling behind on two deadlines would constitute as a disaster. at least in my ocd book anyway.

well, it is november 30th, and although i am making good progress on christmas gifts and other (not as) pressing matters, i made two goals for myself today…

1. finish my november gypsy wife blocks that i did actually start on saturday, november 1st, if you can believe it!


2. finish my november bee blocks, which i also started way at the beginning of november, but after the first snafu, pouted and gave up on

for her turn as queen bee, jill asked us to make improvisational tree blocks, and provided us with this tutorial. WAY out of my comfort zone! she wanted a low volume background, and gave a list of jewel toned solids for the trees.

here was my first attempt


jill said we didn’t have to square the blocks up, because she would be making them all different sizes, but you know i’m ocd! i couldn’t just leave the branches and extra bits dangling all over the place like that! well, perhaps i should’ve listened, because after i trimmed my tree, i quickly regretted it. all of my hard work got chopped off in one slice, and i was not feeling the end result. i’m still going to send this one along with the other two, and hopefully she will like at least one of the three!

here is the second one i made


not quite sure how i feel about the skinny trunk, but perhaps its a bare winter tree? is that a stretch?

i think this final one might be the best, although not my favorite. my favorite is still the pink before it got messed up. i think this one i just finally started to get the hang of it, and i like the composition of the limbs


i wish there was a little birdie sitting on the lower branch on the right. that would be so cute! and yes i did have to use the same background for both of these blocks, because my low volume stash is depressingly…well, low (excuse the pun).

i wasn’t consistently in the craft room today. we had quite a few loads of laundry, i met my mom and sister for a haircut, and brian’s mom stopped by to watch the colts game with us. needless to say, i was a little unmotivated to go back in there and crank out the last of my gypsy wife blocks. but, i knew it was the last day, and it was the last set of blocks! and i am going to be extra busy with christmas prep for the next few weeks, so i bit the bullet and just got it done!

and here they are in all their glory


the other day my friend ashlee was over, and i was working on some of these blocks. she said, “that is just so you.” and it’s true. this is the first quilt i actually made specifically for me. all of my quilts thus far have been gifts, or sales…things i had to give away and couldn’t get emotionally attached to…but the gypsy wife, she is going to be MINE. all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into these darn blocks is finally going to pay off. and i think people that know me will quickly recognize that every color, pattern, and detail of his project screams me to a t.

when i was putting these final blocks in their proper sections, i got to look back on all of the ones i’ve made thus far and it just made me so entirely happy. i love everything about them! (well, not the imperfections, but just let me have my moment here ok?) i looked ahead to the next part…making strips, and instead of feeling anxiety like i previously have, i felt giddy. i simply CAN’T WAIT to put this bad boy together!

and last, but not least, i have a vietnamese sweat shop going on over here, because i need to crank out at least 10 of these little drawstring baggies to stuff with goodies for christmas gifts. i’ve already made three, plus a zippered pouch, and have most of the fabric cut for the remaining ones. i think slow and steady is how i’m going to have to accomplish this task. i was going to do an assembly line of sorts, but i am ocd and have to change the thread to match each individual bag, so that’s definitely not going to work, lol. can’t post them all, in case my followers/friends/family connect the dots, but i know for a fact that this little butthead does not read my blog, so i can share hers


the inside on this one is navy. i love it! i love them all! i want to keep them. if i finish all of them in time, i may just have to make one for myself. i have a bag problem. lol.

don’t forget, i still have one for sale in my etsy shop!

what did you create this weekend? what handmade holiday gifts do you have in the works?

ā¤ xtina